No More Shopping On Black Friday

main-qimg-f9d154f5b469716c289f1baa58cc6576-cBlack Friday is the Friday that comes after Thanksgiving This year it falls on 25th November 2016. The retailers have a practice of opening the shops as early as midnight or even before. It is seen as a shopping extravaganza.

This year the retailers have decided to change the routine. Most of them are not opening early as they feel it is more meaningful to spend Thanksgiving with families.

The big names in the business have agreed to this decision. CBL has decided not to open 73 of their locations on Thanksgiving. They would be opening only on the next day i.e. on Black Friday by 6am.

Other retailers who would be remaining closed on Thanksgiving are
· Mall of America
· Costco
· Home Depot
Retailers who haven’t expressed their stand to open or remain closed in 2016 include
· Walmart
· Target
· Macy’s
· Best Buy

w-blackfriday-300x200Though the retailer claims that they are not opening and are going to alter the regular pattern of early openings on Black Friday, there are certain figures which hint that the sales on Black Friday have not been going as expected. The day may slowly be losing its title to December 23rd in terms of shopping volume and sales.

People have a tendency to shop more just before Christmas and no longer after Thanksgiving. It hasn’t been a sudden change, however, retailers have been comparing previous years sales and noting that the decline in sales and business is setting in gradually. Even thanksgiving is not likely to appear on the top ten list of days of maximum shopping.

Stephen Lebovitz who is the CEO of CBL claimed that previously Black Friday used to be a great day for shopping and was filled with fun and frenzy. He said that they are trying to bring back this spirit by holding off the sales and creating a wanting in customers.

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Zika Virus Is The Cause Of Microcephaly In Infants-Finally Proven

zika-virus-vietnamThe Director of Prevention, Thomas R. Frieden, has confirmed that Infants affected by Zika virus will suffer from microcephaly. Earlier there were assumptions of this, however, it hadn’t been confirmed. WHO had declared that there is a strong consensus which can be proven scientifically that zika virus causes microcephaly and other neurological problems to babies within the womb of infected mothers. The brain size of these babies is also smaller. In severe cases, the size of the baby’s head is extremely small.

Microcephaly is a condition in which infants will have relatively smaller heads and many variations of brain damage. They are also under the threat of having neurological abnormalities. This is one of the most shocking discoveries as this infection is all due to the bite of a mosquito. The serious issue is that no vaccine has been discovered to block the virus yet.

Another factor is that this condition cannot be treated and will remain life long as such. Such cases are seen mostly in South American regions,especially Puerto Rico,Lat American Samoa. People traveling to these areas are advised to take extreme care.

zika-virus-mosquito-300x200There are cases where other defects have been seen in babies infected by Zika Virus. They have eye defects, hearing loss, and impaired growth. Studies are being conducted to confirm the correlation between these defects and the Zika virus infection.

Zika virus is passed to the baby from the infected pregnant mother. Research is being carried out to find whether the virus will remain in the mother’s body and affect further pregnancies. It is being assumed that the virus will get washed off and will not cause damage a second time. Also, certain studies show that once affected with Zika, the occurrence of the infection a second time in the same person is not likely.