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The brain injury attorney team at our Law Firm is here to help with brain accidents.

Our personal injury Law Firm attorneys include brain injury attorneys who represent hundreds of accident victims every year and your brain injury lawyer at our firm knows what it takes to make sure you get fair compensation from insurance companies. Your brain injury lawyer has relationships with medical experts who can diagnose the extent of your injury so we can help you get compensated for those injuries.

Your attorney will tell you what specific things you can do after getting in an accident which will make it easier for them to prove your case and maximize your potential settlement or verdict.

Depending on the type and severity of brain injury from an accident, many issues may begin to arise. Thinking may become fuzzy and the ability to think may slow down. Memories and functions of the brain may seem to be missing and it may take a very long time to retrieve information that was in the brain before the brain accident. You may have lost the ability to concentrate and focus on important tasks. These issues can make the process of seeking redress even more difficult but your brain injury attorney with our Law Firm is here to help you through the process.

Your brain injury attorney can advise you what to do after brain accidents.
The help of a brain injury attorney will be appreciated if the injured person tires easily or sleeps for longer periods without waking up refreshed. Keep track of changes for your attorney, as any or all abilities may have changed. Since the brain controls every function of your body, everything from digestion, continence, communication, coordination of movement, and judgment of distances. What you can do with the right or left side of your body can be affected by brain accidents. If you’ve experienced any of these challenges, including difficulty with numerical sequences, telling time, writing, or reading, contact the brain injury attorneys at our Law Firm immediately.

The injured person may be anxious or depressed or both and we understand that. Chunks of memory may be missing, such as specific periods of time, or faces and names. The injured person may do things that make no sense to others or may act illogically and irrationally, which is a serious indication you need a personal injury attorney.

Call our Law Firm if you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury from an accident. Your lawyer is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call a brain injury attorney if you are suffering from brain injury due to an accident.


Your defective drug attorney at our Law Firm is here for you.

Recently there have been a series of major class-action lawsuits involving defective drugs, dangerous drugs, defective medical devices, and defective products. Our defective drug attorneys have represented clients all over Texas who were injured as a result of taking defective drugs, dangerous drugs, or defective products that were shown to be harmful.

Finding a drug attorney to help with your defective pharmaceutical product or defective medical device case is an important step to resolution. Your defective drug injury attorney usually specializes in pharmaceutical litigation and nothing else, which gives them exceptional experience with defective drug legal procedures, case history, and anything else related to dangerous drugs that a medical attorney should know. If you qualify, a drug defense lawyer will take your case on contingency. Your attorney will focus on your drug lawsuit issues, allowing you to take care of your health knowing that you will get through the process.

Your defective drug attorney may also have defective drug doctors referrals or resources for you. This will help with other situations related to your defective drugs, dangerous drugs, defective products, or defective medical device case and will assist you in any way he can. During your research process to find a defective drug attorney, you may talk to several before deciding on one that you feel comfortable with. You can shorten that process by coming to our defective drug attorney team first. Remember, a good defective drug attorney will have a track record of success in pharmaceutical law litigation.

If you have suffered any serious health risks due to dangerous drugs or defective products contact our Law Firm any time of day to speak with a personal injury attorney. Your defective drug attorney will handle your claim personally.



An Insurance Dispute Lawyer can help with your claim.

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident and have a personal injury claim, you probably have had to deal with insurance companies. Insurance companies are in business to make money from personal injury claims after auto accidents and often use tactics such as denying and delaying valid personal injury claims in order to avoid paying what they should, causing insurance disputes. If you are involved in an insurance dispute and think you are not being treated fairly, your personal injury lawyer can represent your interests to the insurance company and make sure you get what you deserve.

The personal injury lawyers at our Law Firm are experienced in handling insurance disputes with insurance companies. We represent clients in a wide range of insurance disputes. Your personal injury lawyer can handle personal injury claims ranging from denial of claims under auto or health policies to cancellation of coverage on the basis of mistakes or false information in the application. For specific information about your rights and options in a dispute with your insurance company, contact an insurance claim attorney or car accident lawyer at our Law Firm.

Your insurance claim attorney or personal injury lawyer may tell you it is not uncommon for an insurer to offer a low settlement on a claim and then deny coverage on the basis of a condition, exclusion, or even a problem with the application, causing insurance disputes. Insurance companies have even been known on occasion to simply cancel the policy in the hopes that the injured party will not contend the decision and that is when insurance disputes occur. Your insurance dispute lawyer and a car accident lawyer can evaluate your bad faith insurance personal injury claim in cases where the insurance company’s denial of coverage or defense appears to be a tactical decision on its part, causing insurance disputes, rather than a legitimate exercise of its rights under the policy. With a good insurance dispute lawyer or personal injury lawyer, you can rest assured your rights are protected even from your own insurance company and avoid insurance disputes.

Your insurance dispute lawyer with our Law Firm is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us or email us right now to speak with an insurance dispute attorney.


Call your motorcycle accident lawyer after a motorcycle crash.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle crash, the motorcycle accident lawyer team at our Law Firm can help. You may be seriously injured and feel like you never want to ride again. We are determined to help you with your personal injury claim.

As your bike injury lawyer, your motorcycle crash safety is our number one concern, but motorcycle accidents happen to the best of us. We strive to let you know what can be done to assist you if you have been injured in a motorcycle crash. Your bike injury lawyer would prefer you learn how to prevent a motorcycle accident from happening.

Three simple steps to protecting yourself from needing a motorcycle accident lawyer:

1. Always wear your motorcycle helmet
A helmet is extremely important when riding your motorcycle. Almost 30% of all motorcycle crashes result in head injury, many of which end up being fatal. By simply wearing a helmet, you can prevent serious injury to your head and the results may save your life.

2. Protect your body
When you see a person on a motorcycle dressed in leather, you may assume this is a fashion trend for motorcycle riders. There is, however, good reason for this attire. Leather apparel is the sturdiest material you can wear while riding a motorcycle since it resists tearing if you are in a motorcycle accident. In a motorcycle crash, you have no seat belt or airbag to protect you. Even when traveling as little as 30 miles per hour, you still have the possibility of sliding over 10 feet on asphalt, should a motorcycle accident occur. Protect yourself by properly covering your body, hands, and feet while on the road.

3. Be completely aware of your surroundings
There are times when a driver does not completely understand the value of paying close attention to others on the road. Whether you are a motorcyclist or an automobile driver, strict attention to your surroundings is vital to safety on the road. It is very useful to know at all times what vehicles are around you, even by a quick glance, to ensure that you are aware of your surroundings, as well as that of the other motorists on the road.

Remember, we are not just your personal injury attorneys, we’re your advocates. Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and speak with your bike injury lawyer right now.


A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Guide

Fair results in any motorcycle accident lawyer claim depend on the motorcycle accident lawyer’s understanding and insights on the medical aspects of a person’s injury, medical care, and diagnosis for recovery.

Our Law Firm has years of experience in dealing with neck injuries, back accident injuries, traumatic brain injuries, knee injuries, hand injuries, shoulder injuries, foot injuries, paralysis, paraplegia, and quadriplegia.

Reviewing medical research that directly reflects on our motorcycle accident lawyer-client cases is an important part of preparation. Some of that research ends up on our website for motorcycle accident lawyer clients and others to review as part of understanding their motorcycle accident injury and treatment.

The motorcycle accident injuries that you or someone you love has sustained can be difficult enough to face, without worrying about who will pay for hospital bills, repair bills, lost income, and any rehabilitation the motorcycle accident victim, whether you or your loved one may need. Who is going to pay the bills now, and who is going to compensate you for your tragic motorcycle accident loss?

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
What difference will a helmet make in a serious motorcycle accident, is a good question to ask your motorcycle accident lawyer. It is hard to beat the feeling of the wind in your face, at least without flying bugs. Helmets can cut you off from that experience to some extent. But given everything a motorcycle accident lawyer knows, it is not enough to go without a helmet. There is a wealth of myths about the disadvantages of helmets including that a helmet will contribute to breaking your neck. That is not true as those with helmets have fewer neck injuries, or that helmets will cut off your ability to hear or see to avoid accidents. This is also not true as those with helmets crash less frequently. This may be because their eyes are more protected and they don’t experience hearing fatigue. Your motorcycle accident lawyer likes the idea of riding without a helmet for the fun except it just does not make sense. For more info about helmet safety, talk to your motorcycle accident lawyer.

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer for Motorcycle Accident Victims
At our Law Firm, our lawyers have dedicated the last 25 years of their careers to defending the rights of residents to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries and the impact the accident has had on your life. Please contact our Law Firm immediately to discuss your accident injury case with one of our lawyers for no cost and no obligation. We will use our decades of experience to ensure that you and your family receive the care and compensation that you deserve. Call us today to schedule a consultation.


The pedestrian accident injury attorneys at our Law Firm can help with your pedestrian injuries.

If you or a loved one has been in a pedestrian accident injury, you may be entitled to significant compensation under the law and you may need a pedestrian accident injury attorney. You can trust our personal injury attorney Law Firm to fight for your rights and advocate for a fair and just settlement. We have a high rate of success and the highest AV rating according to the independent firm Martindale-Hubbell. Your pedestrian accident attorney can advance all costs and expenses of pedestrian accident trials and only collect fees if and when we win.

Our personal injury attorneys have been helping accident victims for more than 20 years, and we’ve collected more than $100 million in damages on behalf of our clients. We’ve earned numerous distinctions from industry peers and clients alike, not only for our tireless pursuit of justice but also for our emotional intelligence in helping people manage what can often be a chaotic and trying period of their lives.

There are over 100,000 pedestrian accident injury incidents on America’s roads every year. Almost half of pedestrian accident injuries occur during a single hour in the afternoon right after school. More often than not, pedestrian accidents are caused by negligence on the part of a careless motor vehicle operator.

Our personal injury attorneys understand how to navigate the legal complexities which often arise during pedestrian accident injury trials. So many factors can be at play: for instance, the driver may have been speeding, distracted by drugs or alcohol, or otherwise negligent. Hazardous road conditions cause many pedestrian accidents – in such cases, the city itself may be liable for damages. Additional drivers or parties can also be liable under certain accident injury situations.

Personal Injury Attorneys Experienced in Handling Pedestrian Accident Injury Cases
Pedestrian accidents often injure those who are most vulnerable – school children walking to and from school, or elderly persons trying to cross busy streets. Another common type of pedestrian accident occurs when a car hits a pedestrian in the crosswalk because the driver is looking at traffic and not at the pedestrian.

The seriousness of pedestrian accident injury incidents depends upon how fast the car was traveling. Leg injuries can range from torn cartilage and tendons to broken bones these are fractures of the patella, tibia, and fibula of the lower leg, and femur in the upper leg). If the pedestrian is thrown into the air, injuries can include brain damage, herniated discs, internal injuries to the kidney or spleen, and liver lacerations.

Pedestrian accidents are almost always very serious. As a result, it is extremely important to obtain full financial compensation so the injured person can receive the medical care and rehabilitation services they will need.

Pedestrian Accident Injury Process and Duties
Pedestrians are always subject to traffic-control signals and have to obey traffic lights at any time. When traffic-control signals are not in place or not functioning, a driver has to yield the right of way once a pedestrian has entered the crosswalk. At a point where a pedestrian tunnel or overpass has been provided, however, pedestrians shall yield the right of way to all vehicles.

Pedestrians also exercise the right of way on sidewalks extending across alleyways, building entrances, or driveways. However, once pedestrians leave the “right of way” zones and try to cross at unmarked points of the road, even if tunnels or overhead pedestrian crossing are provided, vehicles have the right of way. At the same time, it is prohibited to cross intersections diagonally unless authorized traffic-control devices indicate otherwise.

If you or a loved one has been in a pedestrian accident injury and you feel that injuries were suffered due to another road user’s negligence, it is important to seek a pedestrian accident injury attorney for help.


Slip and fall attorneys help with slip and fall accident injuries!
Slip and fall accident injuries occur when a property owner does not take the necessary precautions to keep his or her property safe for people who travel thereon. A simple slip and fall can result in broken bones, large medical bills, and months of lost income while you recover which means you need a slip and fall attorney for help with the slip and fall injuries.

There are approximately one million slip and fall injuries and slip and fall accidents in America each year and the average slip and fall injury will cost the injured person $30,000.00 for current and future medical care and lost wages.

When you are in a slip and fall accident, make sure to report the incident to the property management as soon as possible and make sure the report is filed. It is important to know that in most cases you do not want to try and settle the claim until the full extent of your slip and fall accident injuries is known. Once you know the full extent of your slip and fall accident injuries, you can get a larger settlement to cover your medical bills and possibly medical bills in your future with a slip and fall accident attorney. Our Law Firm wants to make sure you are covered so there is no financial stress from your slip and fall accident injuries in the future.

A few key things to remember about a slip and fall attorney and slip and fall accident injuries:
REPORT the slip and fall injuries to the property management as soon as possible to the building management.

Make SURE the report is filed, so be sure to follow up with management on the slip and fall injuries.

Take PHOTOS of any injuries that occurred because of your slip and fall accident injury.

Take photos of the AREA where you fell for documentation and be sure to cover all the areas where the slip and fall injuries happened.

Give the photos to your slip and fall attorney.

If you were injured from slip and fall injuries because someone left their property in a dangerous condition, contact our personal injury attorneys immediately. We are available to help 24/7.


The personal injury settlement that your personal injury attorneys can get you is huge!

Our Law Firm’s personal injury settlement total is above and beyond what clients need to pay their medical bills. Your personal injury attorney wants your settlement to help ease your stress. We understand that personal injury accidents are just that, accidents. Due to someone else’s negligence, you are burdened with injuries and tons of large medical bills. The bills unfortunately never go away until you take care of the payments. This is where your personal injury attorneys can help get you a personal injury settlement. Your insurance companies are often very difficult to argue with and help to get any bills discounted. With an experienced personal injury attorney expert, you will receive a personal injury settlement. Not only do we get you a very fair and rightly deserved personal injury settlement, but we will also negotiate with the insurance companies and get your bills lowered so that there’s money left over from your personal injury settlement to go into your pocket. Because our Law Firm doesn’t charge you until we win your case, we take our small cut from your personal injury settlement and the rest of the large number goes to you! We strive to always get your current medical bills paid and get enough money in your pocket for any future medical bills or accident-related issues.

Your personal injury settlement will reassure you that choosing our personal injury attorneys was the right choice. Because of our Law Firm’s relationship with chiropractors, medical doctors, massage therapists, and mechanics, your medical and car bills are usually successfully negotiated down by a large amount. We kindly ask and discuss with chiropractors on the payment process and with our relationship, ask for a reduction. Many other personal injury attorneys won’t reduce prices for medical professionals and use all your personal injury settlement on them. Our Law Firm is different. We want you to have plenty of your personal injury settlement check to use for future treatment and future medical bills.

The personal injury settlement you can expect with our personal injury attorneys is very dependent on your specific personal injury case.
We can promise that your personal injury settlement is more than your insurance company would offer on any accident case. We’ve had cases where the medical bills are over $12,000 and insurance companies offer $5,000. That is a large difference in case to make up without a personal injury settlement. We can negotiate down your $12,000 in bills and get you a personal injury settlement that is over $24,000 to get the policy limits. We want you to be comfortable after your accident when you get the personal injury settlement and know that the accident and medical bill financial stress is over.

Your personal injury settlement with our Law Firm is the best option.


Our personal injury law firm serves many locations across the state.

The personal injury attorneys of our Law Firm travel all across Texas to represent injured parties who need help and protection after their auto accident, slip and fall, or other personal injury accident. No area of this great state of Texas is too far away from us. If you can’t get to our office, we will come to you at home, at work, or wherever you are.

Your injury attorney will come to you. We understand that your life is busy and you may have work, school, or a family to handle. After your personal injury accident, you will also have doctor appointments, chiropractic visits, and other injuries to attain to. We will help you get the medical treatment you need after an auto accident or dog bite injury. As your personal injury attorney, we want to see you healed and back to normal. We understand that you need time to heal and rest before gallivanting around again getting back to your everyday schedule.

Did your auto accident ruin your car and do you need help getting a rental? Do you need help getting your car fixed? Our personal injury attorneys have contacts all across Texas to help get your car fixed after the auto accident. Not only can we help your car, but our personal injury attorneys will refer you to the top-of-the-line doctors, chiropractors, or massage therapists who know personal injuries and can help get you healed. The staff of personal injury legal assistants will set up the appointments for you in the city closest to you and pay for that treatment from the settlement. You won’t have medical insurance financial burden because your personal injury case settlement should take care of those costs and help with future medical bills.

With us representing you for your personal injury case, you can rest easy knowing we serve all of Texas. Our personal injury attorneys will be there for you and your family. Not sure if you have a personal injury case? Call our personal injury law firm and we can tell you. Don’t believe we serve all of Texas but you have a personal injury case and you need help? Call our office and we will come to you and help with your personal injury case.


Doctor Referrals from our personal injury attorneys.

If you are in pain and need help with an attorney-doctor referral, the personal injury attorneys at our Law Firm are here to help you. The attorney-doctor referral section on our website contains a list of medical professionals we know and trust. We have met with each one personally and trust that they are qualified to get you the care you need. You may need a well-trained chiropractor, an experienced medical doctor, and/or a professional physical therapist on your team.

In an emergency situation like a personal injury accident, you need to depend on a well-trained medical doctor. Your medical doctor is qualified not only to handle issues related to family medicine but also to treat your personal injury. The personal injury attorneys at our Law Firm care about your health and want your recovery to be as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Ignoring injuries at the time of accidents will not make them go away. Many thousands of injured people live with permanent damage, years after their accidents. At our Law Firm, we understand that back injuries affect every aspect of your life. It is important that you get the treatment your body needs to make a full recovery. The personal injury attorneys at our Law Firm will help you find a good chiropractor to get you back to work and back to your normal life. Listening to your back injury lawyer and following through with the recommendations of your physician, may save you untold suffering, medical costs, and future surgical procedures, later in life.

Physical therapy can help get you back to more normal life and back to work after the trauma of getting hurt. If your personal injury accident is a very serious one, you may need extensive rehabilitation, requiring a well-trained and experienced physical therapist.

Choose a health care professional your back injury lawyer knows and trusts. When you are injured, seek the help of a health care professional. If you are in pain and need help finding a health care professional, the personal injury attorneys at our Law Firm will help you find the best chiropractor, medical doctor, and/or physical therapist.

Call an accident lawyer at our Law Firm today and we will direct you to a trusted medical provider who will help you get the care you need.


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