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NTSB highlights safety issues related to sleep disorders Washington, D. C.

The National Transportation Safety Board acting chairman reemphasized the importance of medical screening for vehicle operators who may have undiagnosed sleep disorders. The remarks come at the beginning of national sleep awareness week, during which the NTSB hopes to raise public awareness of its ongoing concern about fatigue-related safety issues. The U. S. Department of health and human services estimates that sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea, and restless legs syndrome affect 50 to 70 million Americans. Sleep disorders were among the safety concerns addressed in the board’s special investigation report, medical certification of noncommercial drivers.

The board has recommended education for vehicle operators and their physicians about sleep disorders and how they may contribute to fatigue-related performance decrements, improved medical exams for commercial operators that include questions on sleep problems, and restrictions on the use of medicines that may cause impairment during vehicle operation. The board also addressed sleep disorders at a public hearing hosted by NTSB concerning factors contributing to medically related highway accidents. The acting chairman stated that the board has linked fatigue from sleep disorders too numerous accidents. He noted, “in many cases, operators are not aware that they suffer from a sleep disorder until after they have been involved in a crash. “by raising awareness about the importance of sleep and the need for operators to be screened and, if needed, treated for sleep disorders, the board hopes to decrease the number of accidents attributable to fatigue. To further highlight and share information on the significant role fatigue plays in transportation safety, the safety board has developed a two-day course designed to bring together federal and commercial transportation officials, law enforcement officers, and other interested parties to discuss the topic at the NTSB academy.

Contact our lawyer now if you have experienced personal injuries or substantial income loss due to a truck accident in Texas. Our lawyers are here to give you a free case review and to fight for you in court. Did you know? Trucking carriers and drivers are required to comply with hours-of-service rules. They will be allowed adequate time for the federal motor carrier safety administration (fmcsa), regulated industry, and the enforcement community to be trained and make any systems changes required by the new rules.



Premises liability claims and lawsuits may be filed by persons harmed while visiting another’s property. For example, slip and fall accidents, construction accidents, violent crimes such as rape and assault, and dog attacks are all examples of premises liability incidents. Property owners are responsible for providing customers, clients, and visitors with a safe atmosphere. Persons who were harmed as a result of negligence may be entitled to compensation for damages. Research shows that even in serious harm cases, most Americans would rather not become involved in a personal injury lawsuit related to premises liability. Reasons for this vary, but unfortunately, this often keeps American families in need from seeking the compensation they deserve.

We are confident in our legal services, but we also know that trust is something to be earned. We don’t expect you to take our word for it; rather, we view earning and keeping your trust as a constant endeavor. Through honest and consistent communication, we inform our clients of the status of their premises liability claims. Many premises liability attorneys promise the unachievable: justice. We know that no money can undo a serious injury or traumatic experience. What money can provide is excellent medical care, long-term rehabilitative services, and a college fund to replace the earnings of a working parent. Individuals and families suffering the after-effects of a serious accident, injury, or violent crime deserve to be compensated for the expenses and losses they have sustained due to the incident. Keeping our clients informed and involved in their premises liability lawsuits, we help individuals and families recover and regain control of their lives. Premises liability lawsuits enable victims of slip-and-fall accidents, violent crimes, and other premises liability injuries to seek compensation from the property owner or occupier where the event occurred. Property owners are legally responsible for protecting visitors to their property from harm through security measures, routine maintenance, and warning visitors of hazards on the property. Whether the incident was an accident or an aggravated assault by a third party, the property owner could be found negligent for failing to protect visitors from harm while on the property. Properties that may qualify for premises liability claims include public places such as stores, restaurants, conference centers, and hotels; residential sites such as apartment complexes and condominiums; and any other private property. Visitors to these locations, whether dining at a restaurant or visiting a friend’s apartment building, are protected by premises liability laws. Suppose a physical condition such as a dangerous sidewalk, unsafe stairway, or rotting deck leads to an injury. In that case, the property owner may be held accountable for failure to maintain a safe environment. Likewise, when a customer at a restaurant or motel falls victim to a violent crime, the owner may have failed to provide reasonable safety measures that could have prevented the incident, such as lighting, security guards, locks, and cameras. Because we know how a premises liability accident can impact an individual’s or family’s life, we endeavor to be a positive presence in our clients’ lives rather than another challenge or headache. By combining extensive legal experience, expert advice, empathy, and fortitude, we gain the best possible results for our clients. We are aware that money will not erase a trauma or reverse a serious injury. Still, We know it can help a family get back on track by compensating for lost income and enabling excellent medical care. Our long history working as premises liability attorneys includes achievements for our clients at every level of the court system. No matter the scope of your lawsuit, we create a careful and thorough strategy to ensure the best results on your behalf. We share the wish with our clients that their cases should settle out of court without a hassle. Ironically, it is by meticulously preparing each case for the court that we often avoid court; we call in a variety of expert consultants to provide unprecedented breadth to your case, including engineers, architects, and medical professionals.

Liability injury claims: earning your trust, we are the first to admit that our field has earned a reputation that often makes it the butt of jokes. We go above and beyond to distinguish ourselves from money-hungry firms by providing excellent and transparent customer service to each client. Rather than taking your trust for granted, we continue to work to deserve it throughout the legal process. Please contact our firm to learn more about how we can work for you.

No fees unless we collect for you – contingency accident attorneys
We represent our accident attorneys and handle all accident cases on a contingency basis. This means that we receive a percentage of your settlement or jury award, typically between 30 and 40 percent, but we receive nothing if we cannot collect any amount for you. Such accident attorneys’ contingency representation gives us the incentive to get the largest amount possible for you and do so in the shortest time possible. As your case progresses, we may have tens of thousands of dollars invested in it, giving our accident attorneys great incentive to achieve the best result for you. The best result is often a combination of both the amount and time and our accident attorneys strive to achieve that for you. No matter how much money we have invested in your case, that will not become our primary concern seeing that you get the settlement you deserve will always be our foremost consideration.



Personal injury and bike accident lawyers

Bicycle accidents usually occur because motorists neglect to pay attention to the environment around them when driving. When a bicyclist is knocked to the ground by a moving car, even if wearing a bicycle helmet, head, spinal cord, and bone injuries are common. Suppose the driver of the vehicle was at fault. In that case, his or her insurance company may be responsible for reimbursing you for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. Soon after your bicycle accident, the other driver’s insurance company, or even your insurance company, will likely contact you. Before you speak with these insurance adjusters, please contact our bicycle accident attorneys for a free consultation. Our experienced bicycle accident lawyers can assist you in pursuing your claim for any injuries or losses that may have occurred due to your bicycle accident. For more information about your legal rights, please contact our Law Firm to schedule a free consultation. Our attorneys and staff speak Spanish and Portuguese. If you have access to a printer, please print out this page to bring you to your free consultation.

Hiring a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely on advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience. This website is designed for general information only. The information presented at this site should not be construed to be formal legal advice or the formation of a lawyer/client relationship. The submission of an e-mail or contact form does not constitute an attorney-client relationship.

Our law firm’s experienced bicycle accident trial attorneys represent injured cyclists, including young children, throughout Texas. We represent individuals and family members who were injured or who died as a result of a bicycle accident with a motor vehicle. Our personal injury lawyers represent families who have lost loved ones and family members due to the negligence of automobile drivers. Throughout Texas, our bike and bicycle accident attorneys prosecute cases where negligent drivers caused serious injuries to cyclists who were trying to share the road, including broken bones, spinal cord injuries, burns, head injuries, amputations, torn knee ligaments, broken ankles, torn rotator cuffs, and fractured femurs and hips. Our experienced attorneys will file lawsuits against negligent drivers of automobiles, truckers, and trucking companies who were negligent in the operation of their vehicles by crashing into a bicycle. Our lawyers will visit clients at their homes. Call our trial lawyers for a free consultation. Our attorneys represent those seriously hurt in bicycle collisions and wrecks and from being run off the road. We represent clients who have sustained head injuries, concussions, brain injuries, torn ligaments, torn meniscus, ACL, PCL, rotator cuff, broken and fractured bones, amputations, herniated disks, fractured back, fractured spine, drowning chemical burns, and lacerations. Our trial lawyers and paralegals speak Spanish and Portuguese. Contact our Law Firm for a free consultation. We speak Spanish (Espanol) and Portuguese (Portuguese).



Boating accidents

Our lawyers represent clients injured in boat accidents who have suffered personal injuries or lost loved ones in boating accidents and collisions. Many factors can contribute to a boating accident on a privately owned vessel or a personal watercraft (jet ski, Waverunner). Some of these factors include:

driver error
driver experience
driving while intoxicated
boat equipment failure
adverse weather
water condition

Boating accidents occur largely because people underestimate the dangers of boats as compared to cars. In general, a boat operator and its owner must exercise the highest degree of care to prevent injuries to the passengers, swimmers, or others in the waters or boats around them. Our experienced boat accident attorneys will discuss your situation and go over your legal options, as well as work with insurance companies and other parties involved in your boat accident case to ensure all your needs are handled swiftly and appropriately. For more information about your legal rights, please contact our Law Firm. Our lawyers and staff speak Spanish, French, and Portuguese. If you have access to a printer, please print out this page to bring you to your free consultation.



Dog bites & dog bite litigation

According to the center for disease control and prevention, every year, approximately 4,700,000 people are bit by dogs in the United States. Of these, 800,000 people seek medical attention for dog bites; half of these are children. Of those injured, 386,000 require treatment in an emergency department, and about a dozen die. The rate of dog bite-related injuries is highest for children ages 5 to 9. Almost two-thirds of injuries among children ages four years and younger are to the head or neck region. Because of these alarming statistics, under Texas’ one-bite rule, a dog owner can be held liable for any harm inflicted on another person by a dog or other domestic animal. Furthermore, this rule states that the person or persons attacked have the right to recover compensation if the dog has displayed aggressive behavior in the past or bitten another person. To recover damages, an injured person must show negligence on behalf of the dog owner.

Our attorneys are experienced in prosecuting cases involving dog bite and injury statutes and offer free consultations to victims of dog or animal bites. We will seek on your behalf complete and fair compensation for all damages and monetary losses, including immediate and future medical care, lost wages, future lost wages, pain and suffering, and more for your dog bite. We work on a contingent basis, which means we do not collect a fee unless we collect damages through settlement or jury trial. For more information about your legal rights, please contact our Law Firm to schedule a free consultation. Our attorneys and staff speak Spanish and Portuguese. If you have access to a printer, please print out this page to bring you to your free consultation.

Hiring a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely on advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience. Our personal injury law firm represents adults and children injured in dog or animal attacks, including pit bulls.



Personal Injury

Some accidents lead to severe injuries that cause considerable pain and suffering. If an accident means you have to miss a lengthy period of work resulting in a loss of income, you could be entitled to compensation. Suffering a bad accident can be traumatic, and often, people are unsure who to turn to, but companies are available to help you through the process. Whether at work, out shopping, or on the road, you can liaise with experts who will talk you through the steps you can take to get fair compensation.

Accidents at work are prevalent and can be caused by an array of things, such as faulty machinery, unsuitable working conditions, such as slippy floors or boxes, or equipment being left out. Accidents at work generally apply to people in certain industries susceptible to potential injury. Construction, where there are many hazards in and around work areas and less likely occupations like nurses where patients may assault them. There are methods to begin your claim straight away, and all companies will try and resolve the claim as quickly as possible by getting you the amount of money you deserve. Companies do not always offer their employees fair compensation, so our injury lawyers can help with your case. It is up to the employers to ensure you have a safe working environment to carry out your daily tasks. This includes ensuring that floors are cleared of cables and boxes in most offices and the surrounding premises are safe. Ice can form in the winter, so look for potential hazards. Of course, it is not only at work where accidents happen. On the road, thousands of incidents require drivers to be treated medically. Being involved in a road traffic accident can also affect someone mentally. If this has happened to you, it is worth contacting a solicitor to determine your rights and ask for the compensation levels available. Be sociable, and share!



We all need good dog bite attorneys the moment those canines sink their canines into something else flesh, especially if that dog or that flesh happens to be yours. Dog bites are up 33% yearly, but there are only 2% more dogs each year, so dogs are getting more aggressive. This is bad news for owners and victims who need dog-bite attorneys to help them out of their predicament. Although an estimated five million Americans are bitten by dogs yearly, less than 1% of victims receive a payout from the dog owner’s insurance coverage. So if you or someone in your family is bitten, you’ll need good dog bite attorneys to bring an effective case against the dog owner.

Dog bite attorneys protect your dog, and your legal position changes immediately if your dog bites someone. You need good dog bite attorneys to protect your dog, which has now become a dangerous dog and is one step away from legal action in the future if it ever misbehaves again. On your own, you just will not know the right things to say to achieve a beneficial settlement. You will feel personally on trial and will resent the process. Insurance adjusters will offer an unrepresented person around 80% less than they would offer a person who good dog bite attorneys represented. Experienced dog bite attorneys will know all the best strategies and tactics, how to overcome all of the common defenses, how to plead defenses, and gain you the best result as a client. They will know how to handle and settle a case without having to resort to suing. Good dog bite attorneys understand how to deal with insurance companies so that the claim gets settled without becoming a court case. Dog bite attorneys can get you 5x more in settlements. Seek out some good dog bite attorneys who will take your case on a contingency basis with no up-front costs. And don’t forget that good dog bite attorneys earn you up to five times more in settlement than you could get on your own.



Were you injured at work?

If you had the misfortune of being hurt at work and want to seek legal assistance and compensation, then you need to see an injury claim lawyer. Not all lawyers have a background in handling personal injury claims. As such, you need a personal injury lawyer with the know-how and experience in filing and representing injury claims. You can start searching for a personal injury claim lawyer through referrals. You can seek the help of your friends and acquaintances who have filed personal injury claims before for referrals to injury claim lawyers. Prioritize lawyers who are well-recommended by your friends, acquaintances, and family members. You can also find lawyers online by doing a quick google search. Alternatively, you can ask for referrals from local bar associations. However, don’t hire a lawyer immediately.

You need to meet the lawyer first, discuss your case and determine if the lawyer is experienced or capable of handling your case. Schedule an interview with a lawyer to determine if he or she is suited to handle your case. You can sit down with the lawyer to discuss your case. Bring all the necessary papers like police reports, medical bills, records, correspondence with the insurance company, and income loss information. Don’t worry, as most lawyers do not charge for the initial consultation. During the interview, there are certain things that you have to ask the lawyer, like the number of years he or she has been in the practice. You should also find out how long the lawyer has been involved in personal injury cases. You should also ask the lawyer if he or she often represents plaintiffs or defendants, as you may not want to be represented by a lawyer who has primarily stood up for defendants. You must also find out if the lawyer will personally handle your claim or pass the case to another lawyer in the office. You don’t want your case to be handled by another lawyer in the office with less experience and knowledge in handling personal injury claims. It is a normal practice for lawyers to pass a case to another lawyer in their office, so be sure that the lawyer you are interviewing will be the one who will represent you in your case.

Once you have cleared things with the lawyer about your case and the history of negotiations you have had with the insurance company, it is time for you to ask the lawyer about the settlement amount of your case. You can negotiate a settlement amount with fewer costs or higher than what the insurance firm has offered you. Take the interview as an opportunity to gauge the lawyer. During the interview, decide if the lawyer is experienced enough to handle your case. Does she/he give you sufficient answers? Is the lawyer clear with his or her explanations? Finally, do you feel a good rapport between you and the lawyer? If you answer in the affirmative, you might have found the right work accident lawyer.


Personal Injury

Many personal injury cases may only involve minor injuries; you may still be entitled to substantial monetary damages. Medical expenses, no matter how small they are, including hospital expenses, medications, and therapy, can be recovered. Additionally, in cases of gross negligence, punitive damages may be assessed to ensure that the conduct is not repeated in the future. Damages can include personal injuries caused by someone’s negligent actions for any pain and suffering, permanent injuries, disabilities, or even death. An injury does not have to be physical for damages to be sought. Personal injury cases involve being subjected to extreme emotional distress or verbal abuse that may also entitle you to damages. In the case of a death within a family, surviving family members can recover damages through wrongful death litigation.

There is the increased use of mediation rather than the courts to resolve personal injury claims. Recently this process has become one of the most widely used methods of arriving at a reasonable and just settlement in a personal injury or wrongful death claim, especially in claims that would be more expensive and difficult to litigate in a jury trial. The mediation process ends the claim or litigation without further costs to the client. If the mediation fails, the injured party uses the conventional remedy of litigation and jury trial without penalty. Mediation is a cost-effective procedure that could save the injured party a tremendous amount of money that would be expended in litigation.


Brain Injuries

The reasons and results of brain injuries

Different types of brain injuries range from mild to severe. The majority will have an enduring effect on an individual’s existence. Though some types of brain injuries are less critical than others, nearly such injuries can be briefly or permanently debilitating and possibly cause death.

Distressing brain injury is when an exterior stimulus breaks the skull. The injuries are not genetic or gradual but may result from another source, like an accident or a blow to the head. The kind of pressure that may lead to distressing brain injury is when the brain is shaken with the cranium or the skull breaks to a severe extent that it harms the brain. Many instances of this kind of accidental injury may occur incorporate vehicle crashes, a straight strike around the skull utilizing a weighty instrument, certain workplace injuries, falling, and assault.

The brain may also be damaged from rapid acceleration, which might also trigger brain trauma. It might occur from an accident or just being strongly shaken. Regardless of the cause of the issue, it might end up seriously debilitating. This kind of injury can lead to reduced physical and mental operation and can frequently additionally create an alteration in feelings and actions. This type of injury could affect the sufferer throughout their lifetime.

Common signs and signs and symptoms of those brain injuries could be losing awareness, lightheadedness, lethargy, severe headaches, and eyesight difficulties. Whenever the victim encounters slurred speech, issues with short or long-term memory, emotional changes, sluggish breathing, or paralysis, these may be signs and symptoms of severe brain injury.

Many reasons for acquired injuries might be prolonged insufficient air or bloodstream circulation towards the brain. This is frequently from an electrical shock, contact with toxic substances, and near drowning or choking.




A common cause of truck accidents is tire failure. Tire failure in a semi, big rig, or 18-wheeler truck is often due to the trucker’s negligent failure to inspect and make necessary repairs. A truck’s tires are a critical part of its equipment and warrant special attention by the trucker when he or she is preparing to embark on a drive into the heavy traffic on roads, streets, and highways. Some of the causes of tire failure by truck drivers are as follows:

tire blowouts
tread separation
underinflated tires
overheated tires
burnt treads (tread burn)
bent rims

Tire failure on highways
Many residents have experienced driving down a highway and suddenly, out of nowhere, tire debris appears on the road directly in front of them. If a passenger car strikes tire debris at high speed, it can severely damage the car’s suspension. The wheels can be damaged and send the car into another lane of oncoming traffic. Alternatively, the car’s driver may swerve to avoid debris and crash the car.

Another common cause of truck accidents is the underinflation of tires. Underinflation was already the culprit in several fatal SUV accidents a few years ago. If anything, it creates an even more deadly situation in semi-truck or big rig tractor-trailer accidents. One of truck drivers’ many responsibilities is ensuring that their tires are properly inflated. This must be part of any pre-trip inspection. Low inflation can lead to overheating, tread failure, sidewall failure, and eventual blowout. Suppose you or a loved one have been injured due to a commercial truck accident involving a semi-truck, 18-wheeler, big rig, tractor-trailer, or bus. In that case, you should immediately contact a truck accident lawyer.

Tread burn – a common cause of truck accidents
Truck accidents can be caused by tire failure from burnt treads. Truck tires on heavily traveled roads are subject to heat buildup under tremendous forces and can fail as a result. The combination of high speeds, heavy loads, and high temperatures can cause truck tire treads to overheat and burn. Too much heat and friction can eventually build up under these conditions, causing the treads to begin to burn and separate. Under the right conditions, tire blowouts can even occur on brand-new tires with little wear and tear. A trucker must maintain the tires of his big rig as part of his inspection list.

Tire repair facilities
When a trucker travels on highways and roads, his or her truck might require tire maintenance. As explained, it is the responsibility of the semi-driver to have the tires checked to avoid a major accident caused by blowouts, tread separation, underinflated tires, bent rims, etc. Failure to do so will result in driver negligence if an accident occurs due to tire problems. The driver or trucking company will be legally responsible for the victim’s damages. To avoid this, truckers should have their tires inspected routinely.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured due to a truck’s tire failure, please contact one of the experienced tire truck accident lawyers at our Law Firm. An experienced truck accident lawyer will provide you with a candid assessment of your case at no cost to you.



Truck accident lawyers

One of every eight traffic-related fatalities and four percent of all injuries in car accidents involve large commercial trucks, also known as tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers, semi-trucks, and big rigs. In a recent 10-year period, the number of large trucks involved in fatal crashes increased by 10 percent. Call us now toll-free for a no-fee, confidential consultation with a knowledgeable truck injury attorney.

Trucks are bigger and heavier than other automobiles on the road, which is why 77 percent of people injured and 86 % of individuals killed in large truck collisions are the drivers or passengers of smaller-sized vehicles, including cars, SUVs, and motorcycles. Those people and their families are left to face a life-changing tragedy, while the trucker usually escapes with minor injuries. At our law firm, injury and accident lawyers struggle to hold truck drivers and trucking businesses accountable for the injury they cause by negligent driving. If you were injured through the negligence of a truck driver, give us a call today, or use our easy online form. We have many years of experience defending the legal rights and interests of people harmed in tractor-trailer incidents. We have a history of getting profitable verdicts and settlements for our clients. Call us now toll-free for your complimentary, confidential consultation with a knowledgeable truck crash lawyer.

Our 18-wheeler litigation team is recognized country-wide for our knowledge of state and national trucking laws, and our attorneys are frequently selected to coach additional attorneys on trucking litigation. We know how the trucking industry works and keep up-to-date on the latest trucking accident information and news. Making use of our legal knowledge, substantial resources as well as a comprehensive system of specialists, we handle semi-truck wreck cases coming from all over the country, which include those regarding driver fatigue, driving too fast, aggressive driving, alcohol and drug use, unsecured loads, malfunctioning hardware, and incorrect maintenance or inspection. If you have been injured or lost someone you care about in a crash with a large semi-truck, our truck accident lawyers are prepared to become your legal supporter. Our trucking accident and tractor-trailer attorneys offer complimentary consultations. We do not collect any charges for our services unless we get back financial compensation on your part. Call us now toll-free for a no-cost, confidential consultation with an experienced truck wreck attorney,y.

Every 16 minutes, an individual is killed or injured in a U.S. Truck accident. Should you or your family have been hurt in a tractor-trailer accident, you require legal help before making a deal with the insurer. Trucking mishaps can be brought on by numerous factors, such as driver error, stress, fatigue, intoxication, or defective brakes and tires. All those causes point to carelessness on the part of the 18-wheeler driver or trucking company. If you’ve been hurt in a large truck crash, our tractor-trailer collision attorneys will help you receive the justice and financial compensation you deserve. Whenever 18-wheeler crashes happen, trucking companies typically send representatives to the crash scene to address accident victims immediately following the event while they are most vulnerable. It would help if you had somebody on your side. If you’re a car crash victim of a commercial 18-wheeler or tractor-trailer, now is the time to contact us. Call us toll-free for your no-fee, confidential consultation with a skilled truck crash attorney.

Regarding their massive size and sheer power, large trucks are one of the more bothersome factors that people of smaller passenger cars have to overcome regularly. With merchandise being sent across the country via semi-truck, a considerable amount of truck traffic travels over the roads and highways. Large trucks are particularly beneficial in their ability to haul huge amounts of merchandise from one destination to another. However, just like any victim of a tractor-trailer crash knows, a rise in usefulness in cases like this also means a rise in possible hazards posed to other drivers on the road. Like all automobiles, large 18-wheelers are sophisticated pieces of machinery that demand frequent maintenance so that you can effectively and safely function. Before they even hit the road, 18-wheelers are meant to be inspected to ensure the overall performance of all parts. Brakes, brake lights, side reflectors, trailer hitches, and the engine are all truck elements that need to stay in good working order for a truck to be safe. 18-wheeler drivers, in control of these motorized behemoths, have a responsibility, like all other motorists, to be mindful and diligent drivers, always obeying the road rules to avoid accidents and injury. However, if a driver chooses not to keep to the rules of the road, drives recklessly in dangerous road conditions, chooses not to routinely inspect his or her 18-wheeler to be sure of complete functionality, or chooses to abandon rules that have been set in place for 18-wheeler drivers to consistently perform at an optimum level, such as semi-truck driver exhaustion. That driver has chosen negligence over safety and might be solely to blame for any harm he or she causes on the road. In some instances, even trucking companies can be held accountable for the risks that trucks bring to the road. If a trucking organization fails to look at its truck and sends that truck out on the road knowing the truck most likely is not safe for other motorists, then that trucking company can be held to blame for the problems and injuries that its truck causes during the road. Give us a call today toll-free for your no-cost, confidential assessment with a skilled truck crash attorney.

There are several reasons a truck can cause an accident. The commonality is neglect, and carelessness equates to compensation for suffering individuals in a court of law. If you have been in a semi-truck crash, please don’t wait to contact our semi-truck accident lawyers. With knowledge and know-how on our side, we will provide the settlement you deserve to help handle medical payments, physical therapy costs, automobile restoration, and even lost and potential wages. Please call an 18-wheeler accident lawyer today for a complimentary consultation.

Auto accidents connected with tractor-trailer trucks usually have disastrous outcomes. Because of their large size and freight loads, even a fairly minor mishap can injure victims or result in wrongful death. 18-wheeler accident suits present a unique set of considerations, including problems with the truck carrier/organization, insurers, and lawyers representing the truck company. If you, or a loved one, have been injured in a crash with a tractor-trailer, you’ll need our skilled 18-wheeler accident attorneys.

There are many reasons why a semi-truck accident might occur. A few of the more common causes consist of: the driver rushing to fulfill a tight delivery due date, the driver is worn out due to traveling for long intervals, the driver is stressed and tired, failing to pay sufficient attention to other drivers, the road is tough to see blind spots from a large 18-wheeler, the driver fails to leave adequate space for his large vehicle, mechanical breakdown, and substandard parts overloading of the 18 wheeler. Besides the risks inherent in the weight and size of the trucks used in commercial transportation and shipping, numerous features inherent in the business may give rise to traffic accidents. These include substandard guidance concerning driving technique, safety concerns, and defensive driving. Systems of compensation promote speedier vehicle speeds and more hours of consecutive vehicle operation than would commonly be recommended. Impractical schedules and requirements of trucking organizations encourage drivers to hurry, despite the safety risks involved. If you or all your family members have been injured in an incident, including a tractor-trailer, find out about your rights simply by speaking to our lawyers for a free claim assessment! Call us toll-free for your complimentary, confidential consultation with a skilled truck crash lawyer.


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