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San Antonio Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys

We are not just experienced personal injury attorneys. We are powerful representatives for severely injured people. Our team of personal injury attorneys help clients who have been seriously hurt in San Antonio. We know the difficult troubles resulting from spinal cord injuries and have a lot of experience working with these types of law suits.

In the event you or a family member has endured a closed head injury or back injury, please make sure to call our law office to arrange a cost-free first consultation. We are here to assist you get the compensation you deserve as a result of going through a spinal cord injury like:

Quadriplegia / Tetraplegia
Spinal Surgery

We understand that severe psychological and psychological trauma happen with life-threatening injuries, for instance traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injury or various other catastrophic injuries. When long-term effects of such really serious injuries result in the need to have life-long medical treatment, more than your average lawyer is necessary.
Our attorneys have extensive expertise in working with spine injury claims relating to partial or total paralysis. They have also handled a lot of lawsuits regarding head trauma resulting from injuries to the lobes of the brain. Rest assured, they comprehend these injuries and can help you to get full and reasonable damages for their effects.

If a person speaks to an insurance company shortly after an accident, they might be persuaded to agree to the first offer. But, insurance companies hardly ever gives the full compensation you need, plus you can’t recover more if the settlement deal does not take care of all your financial burdens. Our personal injury lawyers can determine the full sum of damages you will need including future costs for medical bills, therapies, lost pay and much more.

Zero cost Initial Consultation | No Attorney Fees Unless We Win
The full degree of the damages related to a spinal cord or brain injury, especially closed-head injuries, can be hard to establish. You may be unable to determine the entire scope of your symptoms and a physician could have problems creating the correct diagnosis. Our team of attorneys and professionals will work to collect all necessary facts for your suit such as medical records, family and witness statements, and employer reports to support your case. We are seasoned in working with cases about serious disability including quadriplegia and paraplegia and also psychological and brain injury leading to PTSD, cognitive injuries and depression. Our legal staff offers the following to victims and their families:

Professional, thorough and experienced representation
Devoted and compassionate service centered on your needs
Productive, responsive, and attentive advocacy and resources
An excellent reputation along with a history of success in our legal community

San Antonio Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys
Our firm specializes in the major damages and long-term head, neck, and spinal cord injuries sustained in motor vehicle collisions, truck accidents, construction accidents and as the result of other forms of carelessness. We are experienced in the difficult medical matters involving brain and head injuries and will take legal steps on your behalf. We routinely work with doctors, professionals, and engage different experts to build a case for your benefit. Call us today for a cost-free consultation with an experienced San Antonio brain injury lawyer. Evening and week-ends available by appointment.

Spinal injuries are often permanent, always life-changing, and have an effect on the lives of both victims and their loved ones. These injuries, no matter whether involving permanent paralysis or not, tend to be caused by the negligence of other people, whether by medical blunder, playground accidents, birth injury, car or motorcycle collisions, construction site accidents, chemical exposure, defective products or machinery failures.

Our Law Office has got the expertise and experience to obtain full and acceptable payment for those who have suffered such injuries. Brain and spinal injured victims, along with their loved ones, need attorneys who know the medical, physical, economic and psychological effects of TBI and SCI.
Our San Antonio attorneys know that brain injury and spinal trauma both make long-term effects that needs to be dealt with. Your attorney will be expert and capable in the areas of neuroanatomy, medicine, vocational rehabilitation and life care planning.

Our lawyers have years of knowledge working in the field of neurological injury. They have a deep compassion and interest for their clients, and the family members of those who have suffered injury.
According to the National Center for Injury Prevention, 1.5 million Americans yearly sustain a brain injury. Of those, 50,000 pass away and more than 1 million are treated in hospitals. Several of these victims are children, who definitely are most in danger. More or less 500,000 children have serious brain injuries resulting from accidents annually.

Where brain injury or spinal injury is the outcome of another person’s wrongful conduct, experienced attorneys are essential. Your attorney should be ready to examine, file suit, and prosecute your lawsuit with intensity and passion. We have the experience, medical understanding and courtroom track record necessary to make sure that you, or the family member for whom you are in charge of, obtain complete compensation covering medical expense, rehabilitation cost, lost wages, supplies and equipment, loss of enjoyment of life and suffering and pain. Our San Antonio attorneys will meet with hurt persons and their loved ones in our office, at your house or in your hospital room.

The Spinal Column
The spinal column runs from the top of the neck, extending from the brain to the lower part of the back down to the coccyx. The spine is essentially split into 3 parts:
the cervical
the thoracic
the lumbar.

The cervical part of the spinal column is in the neck area. The spinal column is comprised of many parts of bone, and through the spine the spinal column shields the spinal cord, which runs from the brain right down to the bottom of the spine and then branches out like lines coming from the power generator that carry electricity from its main source and then branch out from the generating station to the city and then branches out from there to various parts of the city.

Compression Fracture of the Spine
The spinal column is actually made up of soft bone, so occasionally in a traumatic situation a person gets a compression fracture of the spine, meaning the soft bone is compressed down. A much more severe injury to the spine is when the nerves going down through the spine get hurt.

Spinal Column – Discs
In between the several levels of the bone mass in the spine are discs. The discs can be likened to a rubber inner tube or a jelly donut. In the disc is a soft material that acts as a shock absorber, and discs give flexibility to the spine. As persons grow up, the discs end up less pliant and become harder and less soft. This is why it would appear that some older persons are in fact getting smaller, because the discs in their backs are not as flexible, plus they’re getting flatter and harder.
Bulging Disk
A bulging disc is analogous to an inner tube tire with a bulge in it. A bulging disc happens when the material inside the disc begins to push through but does not come out of the disc, just like a bulge in an inner tube. This could still result in a grave illness if the bulge is pushing upon the nerve that is exiting from the spinal column at this level of the spinal column. Physicians usually can tell, since they recognize which nerves emerge from which areas in the spinal column and go to what part of the anatomy. So the physician usually can tell whether or not the bulge is pressing on the nerve by knowing whether or not there exists pain in a particular part of the body; whether or not the pain is radiating; and whether there is a loss of sensation or involvement in the motor function.

Herniated Disc
A herniated or torn disc suggests that the bulge has now opened up and the material within the disc has actually emerged. This would be a more serious situation, and quite often calls for compression on a nerve that is coming out of that location of the spinal column. A different name that is used is a disc protrusion.

Ordinary X-rays are only going to show an image of the hard tissue, i.e., the spinal column or the bones in the arms and the legs and other parts of the body structure. To be able to actually see an image of the herniated disc or the soft tissue, or other things such as cancer, the physician will either need to take a CT scan or an MRI. MRI means magnetic resonance imaging. Your body basically goes inside the MRI machine; the machine bounces through magnets in the machine impulses that are recorded and an exact image of the soft tissue comes out.


San Antonio Car Roll Over Accidents Law Firm

Our San Antonio Law Firm Fights to Help You Get Money for Vehicle Rollover Accidents and Crashes.

At our law firm, we litigate San Antonio SUV vehicle rollover claims, including other automobiles. We certainly have a strong history of helping persons injured from a rollover accident.
Cars and all other types of vehicles aren’t supposed to roll over in ordinary expected driving conditions for the type and model. Although quite often, auto manufacturers have placed money above persons and don’t design safer cars, which could actually make them rollover and result in death or major injuries to people.
The sad thing is, not all automobiles are designed by their maker with your safety as the primary goal. Roll overs can occur as a result of a faulty product, failure to adequately warn, or other production and design problems.
Quite a few cars and many other trucks as well 15 passenger vans have been in the news over the years. In reality, these small truck makers have already been the subject matter of several class action law suits. Whenever a car or truck rolls over and creates a physical injury to individuals, a qualified witness needs to determine the system of injury.
If for example the roof was caved in, it will more likely than not, result in a head injury. This is the reason a good motor vehicle manufacturer will adopt guidelines to help make the conditions in the trucks safe. Laws that are also stricter help avoid roof crush and vehicle rollovers.

You must secure vital evidence, seek the advice of a qualified vehicle rollover lawyer, and begin the complicated procedure of filing a lawsuit against the vehicle car manufacturer and all those defendants in the chain of commerce in getting that vehicle to you, the San Antonio consumer. We have the experience and reputation to go up against the stock market giant car makers together with their lawyers. We have aggressive San Antonio personal injury lawyers who really know what motions to file and who to file a claim against in your personal injury accidents cases.

We Are San Antonio Vehicle Rollover Lawyers
Because we will come to you, we are local and we will provide the exact help you need when you need it. We offer personal injury lawyers who will help you get the highest payment within the law for your serious injuries.

Phone Our Lawyers for San Antonio Vehicle Rollover Advice

We come to you and may even talk over the telephone confidentially regarding your claims. In case you suffered an SUV rollover head injury, or any other motor vehicle head injuries from roof crush, phone today and learn about SUV rollover claims.

Seasoned San Antonio SUV Rollover Attorneys
All over San Antonio and other close areas, catastrophic accidents involving passenger vehicles like sport utility vehicle (SUV) rollover accidents take place each day. Passenger vehicle rollover accidents are significantly less well-known than SUV rollovers, but they are really a key reason behind personal injuries and wrongful deaths on freeways and roadways in San Antonio and the United States. We are a San Antonio Based SUV rollover and roof crush law firm with vast experience in recovering money for seriously injured passengers and drivers, as well as pedestrians and bystanders in getting money for persons injured in automobile accidents.

Were you seriously injured in an SUV rollover accident involving a roof crush injury or other type of injury? If so, you need to first identify who was at fault. State laws will vary. If you’re able to show the driver, owner, manufacturer, seller, or re-seller were the root cause of the damage, you may be able to get money damages for your really serious personal injuries. For example, an exploding airbag could release suddenly. That could result in a rollover. Just like other types of accidents, figuring out who or what for instance, in the matter of defective tires is at fault. Our SUV Rollover attorneys are dedicated supporters for those seriously hurt in SUV accidents to obtain money damages.

Our San Antonio SUV personal injury lawyers are competitive and work with persistence to obtain witness statements while memories are recent, order the police accounts promptly, and protect vital evidence in your claim. We act to ensure you the highest recovery under the law for your civil cases.
SUV accidents are in a category of roadway collisions making up most negligent wrongful death in San Antonio. SUV rollovers accidents certainly are a reasonably new phenomenon and they are likely to carry on being a major reason behind accidents in the future even with stricter safety developments in SUV manufacturing and design.

If you’ve been injured in a rollover accident in San Antonio, we can help you in receiving compensation for your injuries, lost wages, and other damages. We assist clients in the entire state.
Since we are experts at insurance claims laws and regulations, like uninsured and underinsured motorists claims, our SUV rollover attorneys work immediately to compromise or try your rollover accident claims prior to the expiration of the statute of limitations. Simply because we are a specialized law firm, we are superior to your cheap SUV rollover lawyers who are big on promises, but slow to deliver results.

We provide you with one on one attention so you can rest and go on with your normal life, make sure to heal your injuries, while we handle the legal red tape. Let our aggressive advocates work with your case while seeking your informed permission each and every step of the way. Getting justice means getting the highest payment under the law for your severe injuries.

SUV Rollover Facts
Although you usually risk automobile accidents whenever you drive on San Antonio freeways and highways, SUV’s are in a whole category unto themselves. These crashes typically involve really serious head injuries from the large, quite heavy motor vehicle rolling over on its roof, which usually caves the roof in, and hits the occupant’s head, or crushing it, damaging the person’s brain. More often than not, SUV accidents can be serious. The reality is, statistics show that SUV accident roof crush from a rollover, has more than a sixty (60%) percent probability of resulting in a loss of life, as opposed to about nineteen (19%) of passenger car accidents.

The primary cause SUV’s tend to be more damaging, is simply because they have an extremely high center of gravity, when compared to automobiles. To add to this problem, they are simply a lot heavier. What this means is SUVs can flip over far more easily than cars. Many organizations, like the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) currently have figures indicating that almost eighty (80%) percent of people who are involved in an SUV crash, died as the result of a rollover and roof crush. This does not even compare to only around a forty (40%) percent dying rate for roof crush involving light automobiles like passenger cars. Despite the statistical details militating against owning an SUV, in addition to the great expenses for gasoline, people are buying a lot more SUV’s!

Methods of Recovery – Products Liability
SUV rollover litigation is usually instituted by suing those in the chain of commerce of the SUV. Finally, the designer and manufacturer are accountable to make sure the SUV is not defectively designed or manufactured. This is the theory of tort recovery referred to as product liability. Product liability makes all those in the chain of distribution liable to the seriously injured victim. The other parties can seek indemnification and contribution from companies like Ford or Chevrolet who designed the SUV later on. What’s necessary is the fact that the victim recovers for his injuries with the help of San Antonio personal injury lawyers.
The need for skilled legal representation is clear in light of the fact that a growing number of cases are now being tried on their technical merits, and automobile manufacturers are addressing claims with overwhelming amounts of scientific and technical data and expertise.

Exactly what is the Difference Between Traditional Negligence and SUV Negligence?
In a standard auto v. auto claim, it’s essential to demonstrate that the defendant driver the duty of care and that breach brought on you damages. (Such as a rear-ender.) This is called negligence. Whenever you file a claim against a SUV manufacturer for product defects, you might be qualified to file suit for strict liability products. In case you proceed under a strict liability theory, you needn’t show vehicle manufacturer negligence. All you have to establish is that the SUV was a defective product released into the stream of commerce. It is a veiled for of no fault liability, since you recover no matter what, so long as you can show the product was defective.
SUV rollover claims when suing a vehicle manufacturer are often based on crash worthiness concerns and lack of stability at high and low speeds.

Crashworthiness Defects
Let’s assume the SUV rollover came about as the result of external trip mechanisms. This is called crashworthiness. The crashworthiness can make SUV manufacturers responsible if the SUV produces the damage even worse than it ordinarily would be under the same set of facts and circumstances in an SUV that was crashworthy. A vehicle that isn’t crashworthy could cause severe injuries like broken bones, crushed skulls, brain damage and other really serious problems. It may be from a faulty seat belt, absence of safety cage protection, as well as a weak roof that caves in on your head in a rollover crash. Manufacturers must do something to reduce or prevent these injuries before they take place. Otherwise you might be able to sue them. This is called an “enhanced injury.” The most well-known crashworthy claims that are successful are: defective seats, seatbelts, exploding fuel tanks, roof crush, lack of side impact protections, etc.

Vehicle Instability
If you have gone on or off a freeway ramp too fast, you may have found that your SUV tilted and felt like it would flip. This is typically how an SUV flips over. But if you are forced to take evasive action, you may lose control. You might have been forced to swerve to avoid a small child retrieving his ball in the street. You can get speed wobbles by swerving back and forth and flip your SUV.
Most manufacturers of SUV’s realize that an SUV needs to be designed so it does not roll over in a scenario needing evasive maneuvers. Automobiles must have a design that allows for evasive actions as discussed. Therefore, you must find the external trip mechanism, and after that you may be able to show that the SUV was unstable and not capable of being made safe for its design and class.

Recovering Damages In an SUV Rollover Case
We are San Antonio SUV Rollover lawyers located statewide to all State courts. You must not allow the statute of limitations run out in your SUV case. You need to quickly phone an SUV rollover attorney to talk about your SUV rollover claim and protect your rights. Calling us immediately is the best way to get the very best lawyers now.






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