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Five o’clock finally came around and I was relieved, I locked my office up and was in my truck on my way to pick up Jason from logistics within a minute of the bell going off. It reminded me of the Flintstones, we literally had a bell that went off for lunch and at the end of the day but now that I think of it, we kind of did the same thing that Fred Flintstone did. I guess things have changed much since cavemen walked the earth. I wish that we had massive dinosaurs to help us instead of heavy machinery, that would be a lot cooler at least, then we could film a reality show based on our daily lives in the mining business. I was going to have to discuss the concept with Jason over the several pitchers of beer we were about to share. As I pulled up to the loading dock office, I saw that Jason was already outside waiting for me, I decided to roll by really slowly but not stop, I wanted to make him run a little bit in order to get in. I slowed down almost to a stop and when he grabbed the door handle, I continued forward very slowly, I rolled down the window and yelled at him to hurry up. He picked up his pace and grabbed a solid hold of the handle and swung the door open, he took a few more strides and then jumped in, swung the door shut and promptly punched me in my shoulder. I laughed as we left the shipping yard and were on our way to the Flimsy McGee’s, one of only two local watering holes. There wasn’t really anything to do out here, we had a few more months of this and we were only able to fly home once a month so we drank more often than we probably should while we were here.

I asked Jason if he saw the DUI lawyer business cards on the company bulletin board in the office earlier. He laughed and I told him that I was serious, I pulled my wallet out and found it so I could show it to him. He looked at it and then turned it around and saw that the specific DUI attorney was his uncle. He looked confused and asked me if I was serious about finding it on the company bulletin board and I told him that I was totally serious and that there were more of them too. How did they get here? He asked and I told him that I had no idea, his uncle worked about an hour away. He had no way of knowing where I was working and even if he did, he wouldn’t have brought a stack of cards out, it didn’t make any sense, he said. Then, at that moment, he realized that he’d just gotten his nephew hired at the site, he must have been who posted the business cards on his uncle’s behalf.


If you find yourself in legal trouble, it is likely a big deal to you. The consequences could be very big in terms of the way that the case goes. Even being involved in a legal case can be detrimental unless you find the right lawyer. A good DUI attorney is worth his or her weight in gold. They are able to get you the right legal representation and make sure that you are on the correct side of justice. They are able to make the case easiest for you, in that many cases do not necessarily go to court because they are able to find a settlement that both parties are happy with. They tap into their skills and abilities.

Some forget that any person in the United States is legally free to represent themselves. They do not have to hire a lawyer, but this is not a very common thing to do. The reason is often that, unsurprisingly, they do not have the experience and knowledge to be able to represent themselves. Like any industry or trade, this is why you hire someone who knows what they are doing. The law is a little different than plumbing. You hire a plumber because he is an expert, just as you would with a DUI lawyer. The stakes are a bit higher with your lawyer. For many clients, they want to be involved in the process. Involvement in the process gives clients a greater sense of control and confidence. Because there is so much at stake for the client, they likely do not want to just sit in the passenger seat and let the lawyer do their thing. Some people may want this. But for those that want the confidence gained by getting updates on their case and to be asked for advice, they want to find a law firm that allows for this.

Law firms like ours are grassroots, smaller firms that make us nimble and speedy. We are able to do things as a more centrally focused law firm that the big, sprawling law firms are not able to do. One of those things is to involve clients in the process as it is happening. I know that I would want this. I am a worrier. If I felt like I had no involvement, it would tear me up. This is not just symbolic. It an actually make the case stronger too. The court is likely to have heard a case at least somewhat similar to your case, but they have not heard your specific case. Working with the DUI lawyer allows greater communication and transparency. Through this, the nuances and conditions of your specific case are able to shine through to the court, revealing the circumstances of your situation. This will reveal the uniqueness of your case. Work closely with your lawyer. It will make the process of going through these legal proceedings much easier and more manageable.


If you happen to live in a big city, chances are that vehicle accidents are not uncommon for the reason that there are plenty of motor vehicles that are always on the move. In situations like these, how do car accident attorneys fit into the mess? You could argue that in every vehicular tragedy, car accident attorneys are always needed on both ends of the face-off. Yes, it can be logical though it can also be impractical.

Actually, car accidents do not always result to be devastating for the people and the vehicles that are involved. A car may be damaged without any injury to the person which can be solely be discussed between insurance firms of both parties who are affected. “Property damage cases” as they are called usually do not require car accident attorneys to negotiate.

When injuries do happen, they are either trivial or serious injury cases. Minor cases include injuries with complete recovery in less than a week. By now, you must be listing the names of car accident attorneys for legal compensation. However, minor injuries tend to be not as expensive compared to the expense of getting car accident attorneys. Therefore there is no point in hiring one unless it is a very serious case.

When looking for legal counsel, what you should know is that car accident attorneys are quite expensive. While that may be true, the point here is to get the most out of the damage done from the car accident. What you want to get out of it is to get expert advice from car accident attorneys so that you will get fair monetary compensation out of the accident. That is where car accident attorneys can work their magic. You might be able to pull this off on your own, but it is doubtful that one could get the best outcome out of the accident without legal assistance.

Another thing is that you do not have to deal with the problem of doing the dirty work that car accident attorneys are paid to do. You could spend time on healing yourself, enjoying the company of your family, doing the things you like, and focusing on activities that produce revenue or you could insist on doing things that you are not even sure of the results? In the end, it is more rewarding to delegate the problem to car accident attorneys because you avoid wasting precious time on things that can be stressful for you.

Friendly advice on hiring car accident attorneys
The fee might be the only thing you are concerned about when it comes to getting car accident attorneys. Their rate is based on a contingency fee contract. This means that they get what is due to them only if you get what is due to you, which gives them more than enough good reason to squeeze in more money for you from the accident so they may also get more on the resolved monetary compensation.

If you decide to hire car accident attorneys, you also need to know specifically how soon they can file your case. Most car crash claims are put on hold because clients do not give their car accident attorneys a timetable to meet.

You are usually confronted by an affiliate of a certain law firm when looking for legal aid. You have to recognize the actual lawyer who would handle your case along with representing you at court. By doing this, you avoid confusion as to who you must consistently ask for updates.

If you find yourself in need of an attorney after an accident, please call our Law Firm for a free consultation.


Peek backward over the last 7 days of your working life. Without spending too much time, take into consideration each moment in each day that you could have slipped, fallen, had something fall on you, slice yourself, or else otherwise harmed yourself. We in all probability narrowly evade injuries every day because of luck or divine intervention. This is simply a fact of life, there is not much we can do by worrying about it. Nevertheless, what would you have done if the worst had happened? If you had slipped with that pair of clippers and then cut your hand from knuckle to knuckle? Of course, you would have gone to the emergency room, but then what? Would you suppose your employer is going to instantly stand up and then promise to pay all of your bills? If so, best of luck and I envy you! If not, read on.

The foremost thing to know in the event you are injured on the job is that there are laws in place to make certain you are not taken advantage of. Your boss can’t shrug his or her shoulders and say that you ought to have been more watchful. In contrast, except for in extremely precise circumstances, he or she is accountable for most of your expenses including workman’s compensation. There is a wide range of information on the world-wide-web about the different responsibilities of your boss in the unfortunate event you are injured.

There are many statutes and regulations concerning personal injury law. As the majority of us do not read legal books as a hobby, in the unfortunate event that you are hurt you may have to contact a personal injury lawyer. This educated expert can seek damages for you, which means you can focus on your healing. Even if you are well versed in the legal particulars, you will probably have no desire to sit in every discussion required to pursue compensation. Many personal injury attorneys work on a percentage basis, so if they can not recover your damages they do not get paid.

Now, this is all well and good, but more than likely the person reading this is in excellent health and has not been injured at their job. That is good, needless to say, but how prepared are you if it does happen? Just like we do our best to put aside money for a rainy day, we should be ready for other circumstances too. You and your family should look for a good personal injury lawyer before you are injured. That way, all you need to do is rest and get better, and let your attorney do the work for you.

Good luck, and stay safe!


The very first thing you must do if you happen to be in a car accident is to keep a record of the accident. You have to make sure that you swap driver details with the other parties that are involved in the accident. This includes insurance, license plate numbers, and driver’s information. Ensure that you know the other party’s insurance company details. Try and obtain a police report of the car accident from the police if they are called on to the scene.

Having documented the accident and exchanged particulars with the other side, it’s best to subsequently speak to your insurance company. They need to be informed in order to go through the process of having an insurance claim processed. Familiarize yourself with the exact stipulations of your insurance policy. After contacting your insurance company you should visit a medical professional. You’ll want to have a health check-up to find out if you have any problems. It is vital that you obtain a doctor’s report if you have received any personal injuries due to the accident.

There may be a spinal cord injury as well. This may cause partial paralysis or nerve damage and persistent pain. This can be very frightening in the event you suffer paralysis! How terrifying it would be to suffer from a spinal cord injury that causes paralysis. When you’ve suffered something severe like this, you should be able to obtain sizable compensation.

Drivers should get a copy of the police report of the car accident. Law enforcement agencies typically allow people concerned to obtain copies of their reports for insurance purposes. Then, policyholders should be aware of the limit of their car insurer’s protection. The company’s fine print and conditions come into play at this point and being very aware of what they are saying is essential for any car accident insurance claim to be successful.

The insurance firm will most definitely offer you a settlement which can often be very low in comparison with the amount you really deserve. Take your time to think about just how much the settlement should be valued at. You can solicit the services of an independent insurance advisor as they will be able to offer you a figure once they have gone through your documents and therefore they will provide you with the right estimate of what you should be compensated.

Car insurance relies on the principle that it’s bought by a policyholder who hopes to never even use it. Insurance offers significant protection to a car owner who understands the risks which are present when on the road as a driver. In a way, it gives policyholders a feeling of security. Should an accident occur, a car accident insurance claim performs a crucial function in the recovery process of the victims. An insurance plan would insure a large amount, if not the total amount, of medical bills as well as repair costs. Some insurance policies even insure loss of revenue or even the destruction of personal objects. Insurance gives injured individuals one less thing to fret about after a car crash.

You can start your pursuit right now for accident insurance claim plus car injury claim advice. Call our Law Firm today for a free no-obligation consultation.


Have you been injured, but are hesitant to discuss it with a personal injury lawyer because you do not have any money? Choosing a personal injury attorney mostly isn’t as expensive as working with other sorts of lawyers. Here are many tips to remember as you interview as well as talk with accidental injuries law firms:

Initial Consultations Are 100 % Free

Personal injuries lawyers do not bill you for the chance to discuss your case. You may enter, explain what occurred, as well as converse the pros and cons of your situation, as well as how much the lawyer thinks your case may be worth and just how much time it might take to get compensation.

Law Suits Are Undertaken “On Contingency”

Car accident law firms will generally take your case on what is known as a “contingency fee basis.” You aren’t required to pay for any attorney’s charges until you recover against the party at fault or their insurance firm. When there is no recovery in your case, you do not pay any lawyer’s charges. In the event you do arrive at a settlement, the attorney then charges a share of your overall compensation for attorney’s fees.

The exact contingency portion you will be billed differs from one location to another and from one sort of suit to another. Percentages sometimes vary according to how much of a recovery danger the law firm thinks the claim is.

If you cannot choose a law firm to take your personal damage suit on a contingency fee basis, some attorneys will pursue a lawsuit charging an hourly fee, invoiced monthly. The lawyer would be paid this amount no matter whether you are successful in collecting on your damage. However, be careful that failing to find a law firm to take your damage lawsuit on a contingency charge basis is generally a sign that you do not have a very good claim.

Whatever payment structure both you and your lawyer agree with, there are costs that are incurred in following a lawsuit that should be paid for.

Getting Your Expenses Paid As You Go

Personal injury attorneys generally pay the expense of putting together your lawful claim, such as:

Copies of police records
Medical records
Office expenses such as copying
Deposition fees
Court submitting fees
Investigator fees
Expert witness fees

The lawyer pays these expenses as they crop up, after this you reimburse the attorney for these charges from your payout. It is obviously a risk on the attorney’s part, so it is a good sign that the lawyer considers you have a strong lawsuit. In some lawsuits in some states in America, a law firm might agree not to request reimbursement in case your claim does not produce a settlement.

It is important in case you make an agreement with a law firm to advance expenditures which you know how and when the expenses will be paid back. Commonly, a lawyer’s contingency fee is dependant on the gross settlement sum, prior to charges are subtracted.

It is regarded as illegal in some states in America for a lawyer to advance the charges of your medical care. Nevertheless, a great personal injury attorney may be able to assist you in finding resources of short-term financial loans if you cannot borrow from friends or relatives to pay your medical expenditures.

When You are Not Satisfied With Your Attorney

Individual injury litigation is often slow, and if you’ve been injured you’re likely to have financial demands to decide the case as soon as you can. For many individuals, this means discontentment and frustration with their attorney. If you’re worried about the improvement of your case, get an appointment to talk with your lawyer, and be honest regarding the level of your annoyance. Inquire specific queries about when you might anticipate seeing results, and what the lawyer sees as the holdups in a settlement.

If you are not happy with the replies you get from your law firm, there is nothing wrong with talking with another law firm for a “second opinion.” When you interview one more lawyer, listen very carefully to how the attorney responses your questions regarding how he or she might deal with the case in a different way.

If you choose to switch law firms, you will want the new law firm to contact your current attorney to make the arrangements. Your current attorney is not permitted to do anything whatsoever for transferring the case which can harm your case. The lawyers will work out the details of the record transfer, as well as manage any financial agreements that must be made. If as well as how much you’ll owe your present law firm would depend on:

How far you’ve advanced in your case
How much work your current attorney has put in
State laws
In a few states, law firms are permitted by law to put a lien on your court file for the money you owe them when switching lawyers, with the lien to be paid for when the claim settles.

Transparent correspondence is the key to working with your attorney. If you are interacting, your law firm will know what your anticipations are and can keep you updated in the process. Cooperating with your law firm is the simplest way to ensure that your personal injury suit will be successful.

For help with all kinds of personal accident injury, call our Law Firm. A car accident attorney could get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for a free preliminary consultation.


If you were recently involved in an automobile accident, you may have incurred thousands of dollars in car repairs and medical costs. You might also be coping with lost wages and stability. You need not bear the expenses for a mishap that is not your fault.

A victim of any sort of accident can file a claim making the other party liable to compensate them for injuries and damages.

The seeking compensation, also called injury settlement, is a long and tiring process. After all is said and done, you might only get a part of what you are actually entitled to. For this reason, experts always advise working with a car accident lawyer.

What does a Car Accident Attorney do?

A personal injury lawyer handles the legal formalities ensuing from your car crash. Failure to provide necessary documents can cost you a huge portion of the payment you are entitled to. A legal professional evaluates a claim before submitting it. He examines bodily injuries and vehicle damage to rule out foul play or purposeful damage. An auto accident attorney prepares and compiles the essential legal documents to be submitted for a claim to be processed.

Not all, but a handful of insurance companies give lawyers a hard time. These people inform lawyers that the policy will cover either medical expenses or car damages but not both. They convince the victim of the accident to settle for a small compensation rather than not getting anything at all. An experienced attorney, having worked on similar cases before, knows how to deal with insurance providers. The attorneys put pressure on the insurance company and ensure you receive your rightful compensation. They save time and work. Personal injury lawyers arrange experts to give testimony during courtroom proceedings.

An accused in a car accident can also use the services of a personal injury attorney. As an agent of the accused, the attorney will try to get the minimum penalty. He will mention facts in your favor and therefore work to reduce the compensation amount. He will scrutinize medical and auto bills to be sure to do not pay more than you are liable for. Generally, attorneys will try to settle cases out there of court.

It is simple to find a car accident lawyer. Most legal professionals work for a firm but a few practice independently. Locating one should not be difficult. You can search phone directories. Attorneys are often categorized according to their specializations. Online professional directories are another destination to look at.

The expense of hiring a personal injury legal professional works out to approximately the same as finding a foreclosure attorney or bankruptcy lawyer. However, total costs may differ based on how the attorney charges you. Some attorneys charge on an hourly basis while others charge a percentage of the total compensation awarded to the client. The client needs to pay costs for office supplies, distance phone calls or expert witness used during litigation.


Many people don’t get a car accident attorney due to car accidents. If someone is injured in an accident and someone else is at fault, obtaining an attorney may be required in order to acquire a just settlement.

To do so, lots of things should be done such as submitting proof that will establish facts in regard to the negligence of the other party that resulted in such a mishap.

Arguing accident cases to obtain exactly what is desired is difficult. It doesn’t help that insurance companies attempt to avoid paying claims.

Many accident victims don’t have any idea on the precise amount of money that they may be in a position to acquire from the injuries suffered. Sometimes, with the use of relevant tools like an injury settlement calculator, they can perhaps obtain a rough amount on the financial value of a claim. The only downside is that the tool only determines the original calculation and cannot normally provide the final negotiation value. It seems too inappropriate to believe that by just merely using this tool, anyone can determine the real settlement value of a case. Actually, to be able to reap the greatest worth in settlement phrases, it takes more than a sheer calculating tool. It needs a more in-depth understanding when it comes to the subtleties of a specific accident case and an accident attorney will know several aspects such as injury evaluation, deciding the severity of the suffering and pain, focusing on how insurance companies work to their advantage and settlement discussion.

The lawyer and victim need to understand the complete process. Though the injured party may know the possible worth of the claim, they may be unfamiliar with the proceedings and the risks of obtaining the desired settlement value. Some people aren’t awarded compensation at all. Going through the process without an attorney can sometimes give insurance firms high hopes of winning the case. On the other hand, with the right knowledge and expertise, an attorney can provide a greater threat to the defending party and give a much better chance for a fair settlement from the claim.

Furthermore, attorneys can help take some cases to the court. Most claim cases don’t lead to trials. Bringing cases to the courtroom is costly and very time consuming and sometimes it requires years to finish. When negotiations don’t work, cases are brought into court. Typically, insurance companies don’t want to go to trial. Aside from the fact that a settlement would cost less, it can settle claims in less time. Car accident attorneys can be used as a bargaining piece to raise injury claims and perhaps bring a quicker finish to a trial.

In the end, the attorney knows the best approach for a case. While the consumer should know about the potential worth and methods about filing a claim, they also need to be sure they have the right attorney in order for the case to go in the client’s favor and to receive the right amount of compensation.


There will always be car accidents as long as there are unperceptive, reckless and intoxicated drivers on the road. These mishaps result in serious injuries or in grave cases, death. Victims who do not know their rights and the legal procedure that follows are helpless in such a situation.

You can actually avoid many legal and financial problems if they hire a car accident attorney.

People should not panic immediately when they are in a car accident. They should always keep their cool to enable them to deal with the situation properly. Here are some tips you can share with friends and family should they get into an auto accident. Print it out and keep it in the glove compartment. It might come in useful when such an occasion comes up.

Make sure you get medical help

Make sure you and your passengers are okay. You should also see if there any passengers injured in the other car. Call 911 immediately if someone is injured in the accident. You should still seek medical help even if no one looks hurt. You might not know it but someone might actually be suffering from shock or undetected internal injury.

Exchange information with involved parties

Approach other individuals involved and exchange information. Take note, however, that you should not discuss the accident with them. Get their personal information such as their name, phone number, address, insurance coverage company as well as his or her policy number and insurance agent. Check to see if there are bystanders who saw the accident. Their testimony can be valuable if you and the other person disagree about what happened.

Be observant and look around for important details about the accident

You can actually help your car accident attorney by providing details about the scene. Take note of the license plate of the other driver in case he or she flees. Look around for witnesses and point them to the police. Demonstrate to them skid marks, car parts, broken glass, and more. These details are very important evidence for investigating car accident attorneys and police.

Take pictures of the landscape

A disposable camera in your glove department is advantageous for occasions such as these. You can even use your camera on your cell phone. Take photographs of the scene and destruction to all vehicles involved in the accident. Keep in mind that images can give a good account of what really happened.

Talk with police officers!

This really is one important rule for those involved in vehicle accidents. Tell the police officer exactly what happened. Wait for the results of the official investigation. You may be surprised to determine that you were not the cause of the accident after all.

Get a copy of the accident record

A report of the crash will be made following a thorough investigation. Check these documents for errors or omissions. Your lawyer can get this for you or you can request it yourself from the police.

Additionally, there are legal representatives who can help people involved in a motorcycle accident. Like car accident attorneys, a motorcycle accident attorney directs sufferers to the best intervention for their situation. A motorcycle accident lawyer can help victims retrieve compensation from the responsible party as well as provide aggressive representation in the courtroom hearings.


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