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Sole Proximate Cause
This only true defense a non-subscriber can use to avoid paying a claim is the Sole Proximate Cause defense – that the deceased employee was 100 percent responsible for his or her own death. The only way an employer can successfully prove this defense is by making your family out to be a habitually incompetent employee who was negligent on a regular basis. If successful in proving Sole Proximate Cause, the employer will be able to keep from paying your family the compensation that you deserve.

While it’s true the company did not see fit to pay for workers’ comp insurance, you can guarantee that company will open its checkbook and pay big money to a defense lawyer who is adept at dragging deceased construction workers through the mud. It is imperative you have an experienced and effective attorney by your side to defeat those lowdown tactics and protect your loved one’s reputation.

The Employer/Employee Relationship
A few employers will try and skate the rules by claiming the deceased worker was never really a “true employee,” but a contractor. In Texas, contractors are solely responsible for their own safety in the workplace. But merely making that claim does not mean that Texas law will view that worker as a contractor. Attorneys with our Law Office are very adept at proving that an employer/employee relationship existed by examining pay stubs and contracts and interviewing fellow workers in order to satisfy one of the several standards that prove an employer/employee relationship. These include:

The employer held back Social Security or taxes from the worker’s paycheck.
The employer was responsible for providing the equipment necessary for the worker to perform his or her job.
The worker was expected to follow a set schedule established by the employer.
Your family member either signed a document or performed a task, that limited his or her rights while working for that company. For example, he or she signed a document that stated he or she agreed to comply with an employee handbook or took a drug test.
The worker was not hired for an isolated, single job, but rather for an extended, undetermined amount of time.
Your loved one was paid via salary or hourly wage instead of job-by-job.

What Can You Do?
The first thing NOT to do is to ever, ever give up your right to sue by signing any sort of admission of your family member’s liability for the accident in exchange for a woefully inadequate settlement.

Next, you must act immediately to find a lawyer, or at least as soon as you can. It can be very difficult, and require a lot of proof, to protect the reputation of your deceased loved one.

Every minute you wait to hire an attorney is every minute that evidence disappears – witnesses’ memories become cloudy, and the physical characteristics of the accident scene itself begin to alter. The longer you wait to seek legal help, the more difficult time you’ll have unearthing the evidence that is crucial to prevailing in your case. A detailed investigation needs to immediately be launched. After all, the construction company, insurance provider, and defense lawyers will already be working for the other side. You need a tenacious and passionate attorney working on your side to match them stride for stride.

The wrongful death attorneys at our Law Office have helped the devastated families of construction fatality victims for two decades. We’ve won hundreds of wrongful death cases that resulted in millions of dollars in judgments for our clients. When hired, we will launch an immediate investigation into the circumstances surrounding your family member’s death and gather the evidence you will need to prove your case. We will not hesitate to pursue legal action against any liable third parties if necessary in order to ensure all of those responsible for the death of your loved one are held accountable. Our attorneys have either negotiated settlements with, or won lawsuits against, every major insurance company in the United States, so their high-powered operatives are well aware of our courtroom acumen. As a result, there are many times insurers will choose to make our clients a reasonable settlement offer rather than risk losing a much larger amount of money in a lawsuit. If they choose not to engage in negotiations, we’ll be well prepared to face them in court and make them regret that decision. If you have lost a family member due to a fatal construction accident, call our Law Office as soon as you can for a free and confidential consultation with an experienced wrongful death attorney and find out how we can help you get the justice and fair restitution your family deserves.



Contact Our Tire Defect Attorney If You’ve Been Injured Due To a Tire Blowout

If you’ve been injured recently in a rollover accident because of a tire blowout, don’t anticipate the recovery compensation process for property damage and injuries suffered to be similar to seeking compensation for a typical car accident.

From a legal standpoint, there are several key differences between tire blowout accidents and other kinds of standard car wrecks. The only way to get the maximum compensation you deserve and to see all liable parties brought to justice is to contact a capable tire defect attorney you can trust.

Rollover accidents often lead to more serious damage to your vehicle and injuries to you and the passengers. Without the right legal representation, your insurance claim could very well be denied. If your case should go to court, there are slight differences in the way these cases are approached, which could confuse an inexperienced attorney and jeopardize your case’s chances for success.

How Are Rollover and Tire Defect Cases Different From Standard Auto Wreck Cases?
For one thing, the chances of multiple responsible or liable parties in a tire defect case are quite higher than a typical car accident. If a blowout causes a rollover, the manufacturer is likely to be held liable for the rollover. In addition, several other factors could have caused the tire to fail, including:

Improper installation and mounting of the tire.
Improper maintenance of the tire.
Whether or not the tire was intended for the vehicle it was installed on.
Besides the manufacturer, any party that was involved in the design, selection, installation, or maintenance of the faulty tire could bear partial liability, at least for the harm created by the blowout. Several other factors involving the manufacturer may have contributed to your accident, such as:

The design of the vehicle’s suspension regarding its resistance to rolling when both static and loaded.
The crash effectiveness of the vehicle related to the ability of its structure to withstand a rollover accident, and especially the firmness and compressive strength of pillars A, B, and C.
The presence and operating function of any additional safety equipment during a rollover.
Many other factors.

Selecting the Right Tire For a Vehicle Can be Crucial
You may be curious as to why choosing the right tire for your vehicle can be so important. It’s only a piece of rubber, you may be thinking. In reality, the modern tire is one of the most important and complex components on your car. Different layers of varied materials come together in the tire to allow for maximum heat treatment and friction resistance. The ability of the tire to function correctly often depends on a variety of chemical and molecular structures within the tire.

Four springs make up your vehicle’s suspension, and the tires are frequently called the fifth spring because they are very important for the absorption and release of energy throughout your car. Unlike the leaf or metal coil springs in the suspension, tires do not have a fixed spring rate. Basically, if the tire is in good condition and suited to your car, it acts as a good spring, allowing your vehicle to lean as you change lanes or turn, without the car turning over. However, if the tire is worn significantly or not suited for your car, then the tire becomes a poor spring, and the car may easily roll over when turning or even swerving quickly through traffic lanes.

As your car moves down the road, the vehicle’s weight pushes the tires downward into a flat spot that meets the roadway. This is called the contact patch. At the point where the tire stretches to meet the road at the contact patch, friction occurs, causing heat to be released into the tire. It’s similar to the phenomenon where a paperclip heats up as you bend it back and forth. With your tires, the rubber structure can become affected by the combination of heat generated on the contact patch, the heat created by compression of the air under load inside the tire, and the absorption of heat from the atmosphere.

Tires are actually the only parts on your car that make contact with the road. Taking into consideration all the ways heat builds up in and around the tire, and the small size of the contact patch (about the size of a shoe), manufacturers carry a tremendous responsibility for ensuring their tires perform as they are intended. If a manufacturer fails to supply the right tire for a particular vehicle, then rollover accidents are likely to happen.

Simply Deserving Compensation Is Not Enough
Just suffering an injury in a rollover accident isn’t an automatic guarantee you will be compensated for the harm done. You’ll need the help of a tire defect attorney to investigate your case, find the needed evidence, and support that critical evidence with expert testimony to secure your compensation.

Because there are so many potentially liable parties in your rollover accident, you will need an experienced tire defect lawyer that is familiar with investigating rollover wrecks to determine whose negligent behavior caused your wreck and then to hold them accountable with evidence. At our Law Office, we are aware of how quickly evidence begins to fade after an accident, so we conduct an extensive investigation immediately, sequester and examine all the vehicles involved, and focus specifically on the tires in rollover accidents. We evaluate forensic evidence from the scene, such as skid marks, and locate any witnesses or video evidence.

Yet merely having physical evidence is insufficient to win a case in court. You must also be able to convince a jury of the importance and validity of the evidence, and that often requires the testimonies of expert witnesses that interpret the wear and tear on the tires. At our Law Office, for the past twenty years, our tire defect attorneys have been handling rollover accident cases. We’ve developed consulting relationships with numerous experts who can influence the jury and sway them with facts to accept the evidence and conclusions presented to them.


After a Rollover Accident, What Damages Can You Receive?

Although proving a rollover accident caused by a tire defect can be more complex than a standard auto accident, the types of personal injury and wrongful death damages an injured victim or their family can receive are similar to those for other types of accidents.

Injury Resolutions for Rollover Accidents
People injured in rollover accidents can seek compensation for the following:

Property damage
Pain and suffering
Past and future medical bills
Lost wages due to lost work while in recovery
Lost future earning capacity as a result of lifelong disabilities
Just like a wrongful death claim for medical malpractice or work-related accidents, families of those wrongfully killed in a rollover accident can seek compensation for both wrongful death damages and survival damages. The purpose of wrongful death damages is to compensate the loved ones for the losses they’ve personally suffered. These damages may be pursued by spouses, children, parents, and in some instances, siblings.

Wrongful death damages may include compensation for all of the following:

Any medical expenses paid by the deceased before they died
Funeral expenses
Loss of financial support supplied to the family by the victim
Mental and emotional trauma
Loss of the unique and irreplaceable familial love and consortium provided by the deceased.
Survival damages allow the closest living relative the opportunity to seek damages the deceased would have been able to pursue if they had survived the accident. This right passes down from the spouse to the children to parents and finally to siblings. It may include compensation for:

Property damage
Medical bills
Lost wages during the time the victim would have missed worked during the recovery process
Lost long-term earning potential because of possible disabilities
Pain and suffering experienced by the victim during the accident
Emotional and mental trauma the victim would have suffered during rehabilitation

The Tire Defect Attorneys at our Law Office Can Help
For an injured victim or the family of someone wrongfully killed in a rollover accident, there are various factors that complicate the process of securing the compensation deserved. Individuals without legal experience and attorneys with little experience have little chance of successfully wading through these highly technical cases. To ensure the best chances of recovery in a rollover case, you need a competent tire defect attorney who has a successful track record and who is familiar with all the complexities involved in these cases.

At our Law Offices, our tire defect attorneys have two decades of experience assisting victims of rollover accidents and their grieving family members secure the compensation they deserve for the injury done to them. If you’ve been injured, or a loved one killed in a rollover accident or any other type of tire defect accident, we can help. Call today for a free consultation with one of our tire defect attorneys. We’ll gladly answer any pressing questions you may have and help you start on the road to recovery.


Our Auto Accident Lawyers Discuss Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance After a Texas Car Accident

Texas car accidents occur every day and people injured in auto accidents often have several questions about how to file their insurance claims. No matter whether a demand letter is sent to your insurer or a lawsuit filed, anyone injured in any type of car wreck should file a claim under their Personal Injury Protection insurance, known commonly as PIP insurance.

Texas PIP insurance is a mandatory offering as part of regular auto insurance, but consumers can decline this coverage in writing with their car insurance company. Yet in Texas, many people hold misconceptions about PIP insurance.

The Truth about PIP Insurance in Texas
PIP insurance is no-fault insurance coverage. This means it does not matter who or what caused a car accident – just that there are injuries following the car wreck itself. Because of this form of insurance in no-fault, insurance companies cannot raise rates, premiums, or deductibles based on past or present PIP insurance claims.

PIP insurance covers you, the driver, and any other occupants in the vehicle. Additionally, if you were hit by a car while riding a bicycle or if you were hit by a car while walking across the street, your PIP insurance will cover any property damage or bodily injury you sustain as a result of the car accident, regardless of whether you were at fault for the accident.

PIP insurance reimburses you up to whatever your car insurance policy’s maximum PIP coverage amount is for any property damage, bodily injury, and 80% of your lost income as a result of the car wreck. In Texas, car insurance companies must offer you PIP insurance coverage of at least $2,500, but this amount can be higher at your request at the time the insurance policy is written.

PIP insurance claims do not affect any other insurance claims. Regardless of whether you have filed or will file additional insurance claims against your car insurance policy or another driver’s car insurance policy, you may still receive all compensation from your PIP insurance. Likewise, regardless of whether you file a personal injury lawsuit against another driver and the other driver’s insurance company, a PIP claim will never affect past, present, or future personal injury lawsuit nor a past, present, or future health insurance claim.

Did You Know? Our car accident attorneys have won thousands of cases. Call us today to discuss your case.

There’s a Catch
Insurance companies like to deny PIP claims made by their own insured and they often will do so based on odd technicalities. The best way to ensure that you receive the PIP benefits that you deserve is to have your attorney file the PIP claim for you, using the proper procedures, along with any personal injury claims that are filed against the defendant.

Our Law Office strongly recommends filing claims with PIP insurance immediately following any Texas car accident, regardless of reason or fault for the wreck. However, because PIP insurance maximums are often less than $5,000, this insurance coverage may not be enough to cover all medical expenses or property damage sustained during the accident. Contact us to speak with an experienced auto accident attorney about your personal situation following a car wreck. Call us for your complimentary consultation today.


If Your Child has Been Hurt in a Car Accident, Don’t Delay, Call our Law Office Today

You probably have seen the car crash dummy videos. You know, the ones that simulate how a real person is likely to be thrown around the inside of a vehicle during a car crash. The replicated car wrecks are created for automakers and consumers to get the real scoop on how well their vehicles might react if it is involved in a real accident.

It helps potential car owners to evaluate how well a car’s safety features will respond to possibly save their lives. And it helps automakers know where they can improve their products and increase their sales compared to the competition. Depending on the speed of the vehicles on impact, those crash dummies are exposed to a lot of potential physical injury. And those are big dummies! What about the little children? Because children have less body mass they are more likely to sustain serious injuries if they are involved in a car accident. If you are the parent or guardian of an injured child in a car accident, it’s up to you to seek justice and compensation for that child. Call the personal injury attorneys at our Law Office today to discuss your child’s injuries.

Regardless of who is to blame for an injured child in a car accident, the use of child safety seats and other approved restraints provide greater protection in a crash than safety belts alone. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), child restraints decreased fatal injuries of infants younger than a year old by 58-71 percent and for toddlers, it decreased injuries by 54-59 percent compared to those who are not restrained. That means more than three hundred (300) children younger than 5-years-old were saved from sure death because they were restrained when the car they were riding in was involved in a collision.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) revised its suggestions about the safest way to transport children in passenger vehicles. Anyone who has a child riding in their vehicle should adhere to the following instructions:

Phase 1 – Infants from birth to thirty-five (35) pounds should be placed in a safety seat that is rear-facing and properly attached to the car’s back seat.
Phase 2 – After a child outgrows their rear-facing safety seat, which usually is when the child turns 3, the child can be placed in a safety seat that is forward-facing, but still in the back seat, until the child weighs no more than eighty (80) pounds and/or is at least 4-years-old. Remember to NEVER turn a child forward-facing before 12 months old AND 20-22 pounds.
Phase 3 – After age 4 and at least forty (40) pounds, children are allowed to ride in a booster seat with the car’s lap and shoulder belt used to secure them. Once the child is tall enough for the safety belt to secure them properly, usually when the child is 4’9″ tall, the booster seat no longer is needed.
Phase 4 – Once a child outgrows the booster seat, usually when he or she reaches 4’9″ and around 100 pounds, the adult safety belt should fit them properly. The lap belt fits low over the hips and at the top of the thighs. The shoulder belt fits across the center of the chest.
If you are unsure how to properly attach the child seat to the car’s seat, your local fire department personnel should be able to assist you with it. Or if you are leaving the hospital with an infant, medical professionals will instruct you on the proper use before you leave with your new family member.

The above regulations are national requirements. Additionally, in the state of Texas, a child who is less than 4’9″ tall is required to ride in a booster seat until he or she reaches 8 years old. And while the vehicle is in motion, anybody who is less than 17 years old is required to have their seatbelts buckled. If a law enforcement officer observes children riding unrestrained, the driver will be ticketed.

These national laws were implemented to save the lives of our youngest and most vulnerable citizens. Anyone who has children riding in their vehicles is required to have an age-appropriate safety seat in use. The use of safety seats has drastically cut back the number of injuries and deaths. More than 250,000 children suffered from injuries sustained in car accidents in one year alone. And approximately 2,000 of those children perished from their injuries. Don’t let your child become a statistic. Use proper age-appropriate restrains. If your restraints don’t prevent your child from being injured, or despite using proper restraints another driver is to blame for an injured child in a car accident, you have a parental obligation to seek justice for your child.

The state of Texas also leads the nation in the number of children – thirteen – who have died due to hyperthermia. Hyperthermia is another name for heat exposure or heat exhaustion. These littlest victims died when a caregiver, parent, or guardian forgot about them and left them strapped in their car seats for an extended amount of time in the hot Texas heat. The average outside temperature between June and September in Texas is 90 degrees. And that’s in the shade. Imagine how hot it can get inside an enclosed vehicle for thirty (30) minutes – let alone an hour – on a normal sunny day in Texas. If your child was injured or has died because of someone else’s negligence, you should seek the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney like the ones at our Law Office.

In the state Texas, there is a twenty-four (24) month statute of limitations that must be adhered to in order to file a personal injury claim if you were injured in an accident. When a child is the victim harmed, the statute of limitations ends two years after that child’s 18th birthday. It gives the underage child enough time to act on his or her own behalf just in case the parents or guardian did not fight for the child’s rights in a court of law at the time that the car wreck occurred.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that our Law Office is suggesting that it’s okay to procrastinate when it comes to filing a case against the person responsible for an injured child in car accident personal injury claim. In fact the sooner the claim is filed the better off your opportunities are of proving that your minor child has been injured in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence.

What is in the Child’s Best Interest?
Even though parents should know what’s best for their child(ren), if the parents are not attorneys, they probably do not know the best way to bring a guilty person to justice who is to blame for a child’s injuries or death in a car accident. That’s why parents of the minor should hire an experienced attorney who can present the best case now while all the evidence is still available.

In addition, the court could appoint a third party representative for the child, called an ad litem or child advocate. An advocate or ad litem is a neutral party who has no biological or personal connection to the parents or guardian of the injured child or the person responsible for the child’s injuries. The goal of the ad litem/advocate is to make sure the child’s interests are represented.

Calculation of Damages for a Child’s Injuries in a Car Wreck
The first thing you should do is to seek medical care for your child after an accident. If the crash is severe enough that an ambulance is called to the scene, it is in the best interest of your child to go to a hospital for a full medical diagnostic. Depending on the age of the child during the accident, any damage might cause the child’s physical development to be stunted or altered. Some injuries are not visible to the naked eye, but only in x-rays or through the examination by a medical professional. So even if your child is old enough to express his or her pain, don’t take their word for it. Allow them to get a full examination. It will be a part of your evidence should you decide to file a lawsuit against the person responsible for your injured child’s car accident. If money is a problem and your family is unsure how any medical bills will be paid, attorney might be able to help your child get the medical care he or she needs free of charge until after your injured child’s car accident claim is settled. Call our Law Office today to discuss your child’s injuries.

In addition to medical expenses, the negligent person or persons most likely will be required to pay general damages and special damages. The amount of damages will depend on the minor child’s age at the time of the accident. These cases often require certain legal presentations to win compensation from the driver who is at fault. The guilty person could be ordered to pay general damages and special damages.

General damages include pay off for physical pain and suffering and disfigurement if applicable. But if the child was permanently disabled in the car accident, the general monetary damage awarded could be higher than those for an adult. That’s because a child who is disabled will not be able to take care of themselves. So their financial support will depend on family members or they will become dependant on government assistance. As a disabled person he or she will need expensive medical care.

Special damages are the accumulation of the monetary damages suffered by the child. The amount could include medical bills, property damage expenses such as the vehicle the child was riding in or driving, any legal fees, and lost wages if the child was employed was working during the time of the car accident.

Our attorneys who represent children hurt in traffic accidents have more than twenty years of experience. Call our Law Office today to discuss your child’s injuries.


Birth Injury Lawsuit Lawyer Discusses Brachial Plexus, Shoulder Dystocia, and Erb’s Palsy

Birth injuries can happen to anyone and can result in very serious medical conditions. Numerous factors, even seemingly unrelated ones like a rushed or tired physician, can result in life-threatening or long-term disabling injuries to both mother and child and can occur during pregnancy or childbirth.

While some birth injuries happen merely because of the statistical inevitability of nature, many other birth injuries occur because of the negligent actions of doctors, nurses, obstetricians, and other medical personnel, who have been given the incredible responsibility of safely delivering babies. Sadly, just a minor error by a physician can result in a lifetime of medical treatment, care, and special accommodations for a child who has suffered an injury.

Erb’s Palsy is one of the most serious medical conditions that can arise from a birth injury and is characterized by a significant decline of strength and range of movement in the child’s arm and shoulder. This injury can translate into mounting medical and treatment bills that can quickly overwhelm a parent or guardian. If you find yourself in this situation and struggling with these issues, and are suspicious that medical malpractice may have occurred in the injury to your child, you may potentially qualify for compensation for your financial losses and medical expenses, ranging from past bills to future or impending costs for medical care. Our Erb’s palsy medical malpractice attorneys have compiled this brief article to highlight specific kinds of birth injuries that can lead to life-long health issues for a child.

For the past twenty years, the birth-injury attorneys of our Law Office have learned the legal complexities of birth injury lawsuits. We can help you understand the intricate issues involving birth injuries and the litigation needed to solve them. Often in trying to decipher if the birth injury was a tragic natural occurrence or caused by someone’s negligence, parents have no medical-legal experience to turn to when an injury occurs. We can help make that determination and then work diligently to make sure your case is resolved to your satisfaction and that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Brachial Plexus Injuries
The brachial plexus is the bundle of nerves that connects the spine to the upper extremities, such as the shoulders, arms, and hands. Any excessive physical exertion or unusually difficult labor and delivery can injure both mother and child in different ways. Brachial plexus injuries can happen in exceptionally large babies, unusually small birth canals, awkward positioning of the baby in the womb, or abnormal activity in the uterus or womb. It is a fairly normal occurrence, afflicting nearly 20 percent of all childbirths. Dystocia is any excessive physical exertion or unusually difficult labor and delivery. It can injure both mother and child in different ways. Attending obstetricians and their medical staff have been trained to take reasonable care in delivering the baby without causing injury or harm because brachial plexus injuries frequently take place during childbirth.

In most cases, the medical staff bypasses vaginal delivery and performs an emergency caesarian section (c-section) or a high-forceps procedure. This can result in serious birth injuries to the brachial plexus nerve cluster that joins the hand, arm, and shoulder to the spine. In newborn babies, these nerves are clustered together in the shoulder before completely spreading throughout the entire arm in the adult arm and shoulder. The damage to these nerves can be significant, even to the point where the nerves become severed and lead to life-long debilities because of the way they’re bunched together. Sometimes surgery can be done to correct the damaged nerves.

Many doctors try to avert liability by telling the families of babies who suffered birth injuries, the harm that took place was unpreventable or was simply normal, under the circumstances. Some birth injuries happen just because of the statistical inevitability of nature, but others occur because of the negligent care from physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals, who were given the incredible responsibility of delivering the baby safely. Many of these injuries are diagnosed incorrectly. Many times a doctor will recognize the obvious signs, yet simply hope the injury or symptoms will go away. In some cases, the nerve damage does go away.

Shoulder Dystocia
Erb’s palsy usually happens when the baby’s shoulder getting stuck in the birth canal, which is a condition known as shoulder dystocia. If a weary or inexperienced doctor pushes or pulls too forcefully in attempting to dislodge the baby, shoulder dystocia can cause the shoulder to dislocate, which damages the brachial plexus nerve cluster. If an infant’s shoulder becomes immovable, the delivery process becomes quite risky, because of the extreme pressure put on the baby’s head, neck, and umbilical cord. If action is not taken immediately to readjust the shoulder, the baby could suffer severe brain injury because of the lack of oxygen to the brain. This lack of oxygen is called hypoxia. If too great a pressure is applied, the brachial plexus nerves can become stretched, bruised torn, or even severed. On many occasions, in these severe situations, medical malpractice occurs because of the aggressive or negligent behavior of health care professionals.

Erb’s Palsy
Erb’s Palsy most often arises from the condition of shoulder dystocia as mentioned above. Erb’s Palsy causes the muscles in the arm to lack adequate stimulation by the brain, which leaves the arm immobile or very weak, depending on the severity of the brachial plexus nerve injury.

Erb’s Palsy should be detected soon after birth by the attending physician and staff because the symptoms are immediately obvious. Babies can’t grip with the affected hand, lack voluntary movement in the affected arm, and hold their arm tightly pinned against their body, cocked at a 90-degree angle. Occasionally, less severe brachial plexus nerve injuries can be treated and corrected with proper treatment or specialized surgery by the attending physician. Erb’s Palsy, however, creates lifelong disabilities that require extensive treatment and therapy, including specialized adaptive technologies and accommodations. However, proper delivery techniques can prevent injuries to the brachial plexus nerves.

Call Our Erb’s Palsy Lawyer
The attorneys at our Law Office have been helping families recover from birthing process injuries for over twenty years. We understand how to navigate the rough waters of medical malpractice law, unlike many attorneys who simply avoid these type cases because they are too complicated and challenging to win. We will devote the time required to build a solid case to make sure those responsible for your baby’s shoulder dystocia, brachial nerve trauma, or Erb’s Palsy are made accountable. We’ve won millions of dollars in settlements from every major insurance carrier in the U.S. The insurance company adjusters and defense lawyers are familiar with our successful track record. As a result, our clients frequently receive fair settlement offers without having to go to trial. Our attorneys can ensure you get the best results possible so that your child receives the best treatment possible and compensation for the mental and physical trauma they have suffered in this ordeal. If your child has been injured in childbirth because of a medical professional’s negligence, call the birthing injury attorneys at our Law Office for a free consultation. We can answer your specific questions and help you make an informed decision.


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